jamie lissow wikipedia
jamie lissow wikipedia

Jamie Lissow Wikipedia: Career, Personal Life, and Notable Works

March 24, 2024
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Jamie Lissow? Goodness no doubt, that person’s an uproar! You’ve likely found him telling wisecracks toward the finish of the Gutfeld television show, isn’t that so? He has this skill for satire that simply illuminates the room. However, comedy isn’t his only job. Recall that vivified film “Norm of the North”? Yes, he also contributed his voice to that. What’s more, in the event that you love Greg Gutfeld’s show on FOX, you’ve most certainly seen Jamie dropping in for certain chuckles. He’s been crazy, from The tonight Show to Last Week Parody, spreading his intriguing sort of humor. And let me tell you, you should watch it right away when he gets his own one-hour comedy special. He is presently chipping away at “Daddy Girl Excursion” with Ransack Schneider and David Spade, two notable entertainers. Can’t wait to see what hilarious concoctions they come up with together!

Jamie Lissow Wikipedia

However 100% American seems to be Jamie Lissow’s story. He is a glad 1980-conceived resident of the US of America. The Star-Spangled Banner is almost entirely playing in the background! Experiencing childhood in Rochester, New York, Jamie handled secondary school at Greece Olympia Secondary School prior to wandering off to the State College of New York School in Fredonia. School life must’ve been an impact for him — I can envision him telling in the middle among classes and concentrating on meetings. Presently, assuming that my computations are right, Jamie’s hitting around 43 years youthful. I think that’s a great time to be making people laugh. Also, discussing fates lining up, I can’t help thinking about what his zodiac sign is. Anything that it is, I bet it adds an additional flash to his generally dynamic persona.

Real NameJamie Lissow
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Writer, Producer
Height– in centimetres: 168 cm
– in metres: 1.68 m
– in feet inches: 5 ft 6 in
Weight– in kilograms: 55 kg
– in pounds: 121 lbs
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourLight Brown
Date of Birth1980
Age42 Years
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
HometownRochester, New York, United States of America
SchoolGreece Olympia High School, Rochester, New York
College/UniversityState University of New York College, Fredonia
Educational QualificationBachelor of Science in Brain Research and Arithmetic
Hobbies/InterestsTravelling and Dancing
Marital StatusMarried
Husband/Wife/SpouseJessica Lissow
Children– Daughter: Briar
– Son: Miles and Charles
Net WorthBetween $5 to $6 Million

Who is Jamie Lissow?

Jamie Lissow? Gracious, he’s the genuine article in showbiz, wearing different caps like they’re becoming dated. You’ve likely gotten him on the little screen, playing Jamie in “Genuine Loot.” Nonetheless, that is just the earliest reference point. Do you recall “Norm of the North”? Yes, some of those tourists were brought to life by Jamie’s voice. It’s crazy how he can act and voice animated characters at the same time. And here’s the thing: this guy isn’t just good in front of the camera. He has a talent for composing as well. Have you ever seen “Comedy Central Presents” or “Dry Bar Comedy”? That’s right, Jamie’s had his hands in those ventures. Jamie has been in the business for more than 20 years, so he has seen the ups and downs of various media outlets. Also, I have to tell you that he has stories that could fill a book. No big surprise people wherever are kicking the bucket to get a brief look into the universe of comics like him. Who wouldn’t be interested in knowing what takes place behind the scenes of all that laughter?

Jamie Lissow Biography

The path that Jamie Lissow takes in comedy is authentic. He was born in May 1976, so despite his advanced age, he still exudes vitality and intelligence. Jamie found his predetermination very early in life while experiencing childhood in Rochester, New York. Satire was his thing, and he began leveling up his abilities at the Bison Amusing Bone while shuffling summers at Bison State. Could you at any point envision the giggles he must’ve worked up? There was no turning back for him once he took the stage in Buffalo. Jamie’s parody visit took him the nation over, performing at clubs and celebrations, spreading happiness any place he went. After that, he got his big break in the early 2000s. In the wake of detecting his expertise, Funny TV gave him appearances on programs like “Premium Mix” and “Extreme Group with Colin Quinn.” By then, his comic virtuoso was uncovered to the whole country. Jamie, in any case, didn’t stop there. He quickly entered the media business, having persevering through impacts on dearest shows like “The Lord of Sovereigns” and in any event, making a short appearance on “The Genuine Housewives of New Jersey” for happy tomfoolery. His amusing appearances on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” are just one example! With repeating jobs on hits like “Genuine Loot” and “The Workplace,” Jamie’s transformed the satire world. And what’s more? The years are passing by rapidly, yet he actually has that flash and comical inclination that makes you laugh uncontrollably. Jamie Lissow is so entertaining that age really is just a number.

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Jamie Lissow Early Life and Education

The facts really confirm that Jamie Lissow is generally a secret. He was brought into the world in 1980, likely in the US, disregarding the way that we are certain that his basic establishments are in Rochester, New York. He has been very involved in it, but he has managed to keep his personal life relatively private on social media. It’s hilarious. There are rumors that he is currently having an affair in Fairbanks, Alaska. An incredible change from Rochester, if you were to ask me! But hey, who knows? Maybe those icy landscapes inspired him. Regarding his education, Jamie is a proud graduate of Rochester’s Greece Olympia High School. And afterward, he proceeded to handle the school scene at the State College of New York School in Fredonia. Appears as though he has a mind for numbers as well, procuring himself a Four year certification in scientific studies Certification in Math and Cerebrum Exploration. Discuss noteworthy! Regardless, concerning his childhood or regular day to day existence, Jamie’s lips are fixed more close than a vault. He is one of those rare people who enjoys keeping secrets, which you must respect. It just elevates the tension, wouldn’t you say?

Jamie Lissow: Age

We are able to fill in some of the gaps in Jamie Lissow’s narrative, which resembles a map. His virtual entertainment pages show that he gladly recognizes as from Rochester, New York. He was brought into the world in the US, some place around 1980. However, he now prefers the tranquility of Fairbanks, Alaska, over the bustle. It’s an incredible scene shift, right? Back in his more youthful days, Jamie was a Greece Olympia Secondary School kid in Rochester. Then, he took on school life at the State College of New York School in Fredonia. Furthermore, get this — he just went for no old degree; he caught himself a Four year certification in scientific studies in Number-crunching and Mind Exploration. Well that is what I call a smart comic! Yet, with respect to the remainder of his life, Jamie resembles a locked money box. He simply moves that way, consequently he keeps his own possessions extremely near the vest. Gives the blend somewhat more persona, right?

Jamie Lissow: Height and Weight

Standing approximately 6 feet tall and possessing a gaze that could halt you in your tracks, Jamie Lissow possessed the classic look of a leading man. Imagine this: eyes as blue as the sky on an unmistakable summer day and earthy-colored hair that is probably seen on its reasonable portion of good hair days. At the point when he goes into a room, he is the sort of individual who draws consideration. With regards to his weight this moment, Jamie is definitely not a light person. He has areas of strength for a, tipping the scales at around 80 kilograms, which is around 176 pounds. However, who really matters? He’s correspondingly captivating and entertaining whether he’s shaking a spoof stage or blasting that enthusiastic smile on screen.

Jamie Lissow’s Personal Life

Jamie and his wife Jessica made the difficult decision to divorce in 2021 after 12 years of marriage. It couldn’t have been easy with their lovely three children, two sons named Miles and Charles and a precious daughter named Briar. But what exactly is admirable, you ask? Jamie remains a devoted father through and through, despite the ups and downs. His adoration and obligation to his children go past any spotlight or stage. It demonstrates the kind of person he is—caring, enduring, and always prioritizing family.

Jamie Lissow Career

Jamie Lissow? There’s a name that indicates imagination at the present time! He is not your typical comedian or actor; this man is a true force in the entertainment industry. Let’s talk about how good he is at making things. Have you heard of “Man With a Plan” at all? Definitely, Jamie contributed to rejuvenating that jewel in 2020. Also, who could neglect “Genuine Ransack”? The success of that Netflix show, which resulted in a second season in 2017, demonstrates Jamie’s influence. However, there’s even more! Jamie is not just content to produce because he has a gift for language. He’s composed contents for some significant association shows like “Man with an Arrangement,” “Dry Bar Parody,” “Genuine Loot,” and “Funny TV Presents.” Discuss an innovative force to be reckoned with! Additionally, his roles as actors should not be overlooked. Jamie has done everything from lending his voice to “Norm of the North” to “Real Rob” due to his infinite adaptability. The kicker, nonetheless, is that regardless of his prosperity, he sees himself more as a self-specialist. He is the innovative power behind twelve unique ventures, for example, “Gutfeld!,” “Dry Bar Spoof,” “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” “Red Eye w/Tom Shillue,” and “Gotham Parody Live.” The individual’s a selective show, and he’s absolutely beating it!

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Jamie Lissow’s Wife & Children

In 2020, Jamie and Jessica Lissow made the hard decision to part ways. They had the option to keep their three awesome kids, Briar, Miles, and Charles, blissful in spite of the uneven street. If you look at Jamie’s social media accounts right now, you’ll see that his kids are getting everyone’s attention. Briar, the huge sister, and her two younger siblings, Miles and Charles, look like a trio of sunshine, giving joy to Jamie’s world reliably. Jamie’s established his underlying foundations in Gold country currently, absorbing consistently with his munchkins. Family’s his main concern, for sure. Jamie is all about creating magical moments with his crew, whether they’re hiking in the wild or just having fun at home. Also, you understand what’s truly cool? Notwithstanding the obstacles, Jamie and Jessica are shaking the co-nurturing thing. They have put aside any differences and concentrated on providing their children with the love and support they require to succeed. Jamie’s not just a fascinating individual with regards to front of a group of people — he’s a dedicated dad, purging his general existence into being the best father he can be. That, my companions, is the embodiment of reality.

Jamie Lissow Social Media

As of January 2023, Jamie’s Instagram game areas of strength for is a strong 99.2 thousand devotees. His profile has nearly a thousand posts, giving his followers a lot to look through. Furthermore, hello, he’s not just about building his own fanbase — he’s following 1275 individuals as well, keeping his feed different and fascinating. Jamie has a dedicated following of 25,800 individuals on Twitter. Having posted 536 tweets, he is unafraid to impart his insights and humor with the world. Concerning devotees, he keeps a painstakingly chosen program of 147 records that reliably produce movement on his course of events. Yet, we should not disregard Facebook! Jamie has a page there as well, where 6 thousand individuals are staying aware of his most recent updates and shenanigans. Jamie’s strong online presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook makes it clear that he keeps his fans interested and entertained.


  1. Early Life and Education: Jamie Lissow was born in 1980 in Rochester, New York, and attended Greece Olympia High School before pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Arithmetic and Brain Research at the State University of New York College in Fredonia.
  2. Career Highlights: Lissow is a versatile entertainer, known for his work as an actor, comedian, writer, and producer. He has appeared in various TV shows including “The King of Queens,” “The Office,” and “The Real Rob.” He’s also lent his voice to animated characters in projects like “Norm of the North” and has contributed to comedy specials like “Dry Bar Comedy” and “Comedy Central Presents.”
  3. Family Life: Jamie was previously married to Jessica Lissow, with whom he shares three children: Briar, Miles, and Charles. Despite their divorce in 2020, Jamie remains dedicated to co-parenting and prioritising his children’s well-being.
  4. Current Projects: Lissow is currently working on “Daddy Daughter Trip” alongside actors Rob Schneider and David Spade. He continues to be active in the entertainment industry, contributing to various projects in different capacities.

Last Word

Jamie Lissow is a multi-fit entertainer alluded to for his work as a performer, comedian, writer, and producer. Brought into the world in 1980 in Rochester, New York, he sought after a deep rooted in redirection ensuing to completing his tutoring at the State School of New York School in Fredonia. All through his livelihood, Lissow has appeared in different Projects, voiced vivified characters, and added to parody specials. Notwithstanding individual hardships, recollecting a partition for 2020, Jamie stays gave to his young people and continues to seek after creative undertakings in news sources.


What is Jamie Lissow’s real name?

Jamie Lissow’s real name is Jamie Lissow.

Where was Jamie Lissow born?

Jamie Lissow was born in the United States, specifically in Rochester, New York, in 1980.

What are Jamie Lissow’s notable career achievements?

Jamie Lissow has appeared in various TV shows, lent his voice to animated characters, and contributed to comedy specials like “Dry Bar Comedy” and “Comedy Central Presents.”

How many children does Jamie Lissow have?

Jamie Lissow has three children: Briar, Miles, and Charles, from his previous marriage to Jessica Lissow.

What is Jamie Lissow currently working on?

Jamie Lissow is currently working on a project titled “Daddy Daughter Trip” alongside actors Rob Schneider and David Spade. He remains active in the entertainment industry, contributing to various projects.

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