charleston white wikipedia
charleston white wikipedia

Charleston White Wikipedia? Bio, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend And More

March 25, 2024
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Charleston White Wiki

Full NameCharleston White
NicknameBaby Blue
Date of BirthMay 17, 1977
Age46 years old (as of January 2024)
Place of BirthTexas, United States
Current ResidenceFort Worth, Texas, United States
EthnicityAfrican American
Height (feet)5’8″
Height (cm)173
Weight (lbs)154
Weight (kg)70
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown
FatherCharles Ray
Marital StatusMarried
WifeTamara White
SchoolGiddings State School
UniversityTexas Wesleyan University
ProfessionComedian, Motivational Speaker, Digital Content Creator
Net Worth$1.5 million—$5 million

Who is Charleston White?

Charleston White’s presence via web-based entertainment has been set apart by his open sharing of stories from his criminal past, drawing both recognition and analysis from online crowds. One of his most argumentative minutes came from his comments about George Floyd, as well as his discourse on the death of rapper DMX, Nipsey Hussle, and Lord Von. He likewise acquired consideration for his public quarrel with Soulja Kid, a disagreement that worked out on Instagram with the two sides trading verbal blows. Regardless of his upset history and time in a correctional facility, Charleston has effectively changed his life. He’s presently known as a persuasive orator, and he’s profoundly engaged with his local area and dynamic in his congregation.

Charleston White’s biography

The well-known comedian will be 44 in 2023. He is an American citizen via naturalization, having been born in Texas. Kay White, his sibling, was deemed to be at reasonable blame for an act committed as a young person and spent a considerable amount of time in jail at Giddings State School. Later, in an attempt to obtain a legitimate degree, the person attended Texas Wesleyan College. His ancestry is African American.

What is Charleston White’s age? 

As of January 2024, the American finance manager is 46 years of age. In 1977, Charleston White was born in Texas, USA. As a Taurus, he commends his birthday on May 17 of every year. Charleston’s dad, Charles Beam, was a Naval force mariner who was raised by his mom following the separation of his folks when he was a young man. Sadly, his dad died in 2009, leaving Charleston his only successor with a legacy esteemed at $20,000. He additionally has a more seasoned stepbrother named Kay White, who was condemned to 31 years in jail for a supposed homicide . Charleston’s instructive excursion took him to Giddings State School, where he went to prior to accepting his legacy from his dad. With this legacy, he figured out how to pay his direction through school at Texas Wesleyan College, where he at last graduated in 2015 with a degree in Law enforcement.


Charleston wears many hats in his career—he’s a comedian, digital content creator, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. His journey took a turn towards positive change after his time in prison, leading him to found Hype about HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach in May 2012. The organization focuses on reaching at-risk youth, educating them about the pitfalls of criminal behavior.

Speaking candidly about his prior life of crime, Charleston emphasizes his rehabilitation and the lessons he’s gained as a motivational speaker. His dedication to changing lives is demonstrated by his voluntary work at the Texas Juvenile Justice Department since May 2012 and as a chaplain at Welcome Back Tarrant County since July 2014.

Charleston has a substantial following across a number of platforms, demonstrating its strong internet presence. Nevertheless, in September 2023, his 241,000-subscriber YouTube channel was removed for breaking community norms. In spite of this setback, he continued to interact with his fans by starting a podcast on January 5, 2023, called The Game Related Podcast.

What is Charleston White’s net worth?

According to sources like Wealthy Gorilla, HotNewHipHop, and Equity Atlas, the comedian’s estimated net worth falls between $1.5 million and $5 million. His main sources of income include his social media activities, endorsements, and business ventures.

Who is Charleston White’s wife

The entrepreneur is happily married to Tamara White, who is not just his life partner but also his manager and business collaborator. Together, they have two children, a son named Charleston Jr. and a daughter named Charli.

What is Charleston White’s occupation? 

The CEO of HYPE Youth Outreach is directly collaborating with members of a Texas gang to get them out of their current state. Through its annual events, the group provides chances for professional growth, networking, mentorship, and other experiences. He launched this program in 2012 because he wanted to have a good social influence. He broadened his audience in 2020 by starting a website for clothes sales and a YouTube channel for content production.

Charleston White: Prison and Activism

Charleston White’s quest for transformation was hampered by his apprehension for a drug-related infraction. As a result, he was sentenced to five years in jail, yet he continued to be creative by creating and recording music. Additionally, he developed became a strong proponent of prison reform, actively striving to enhance living circumstances for prisoners and combat injustices within the criminal justice system.

Music Career and Community Activism

Charleston White started a singing career after being released from jail and moving back to Dallas. He created music that was both incredibly personal and a reflection of the difficulties he had encountered by drawing on his life experiences. In addition to his musical pursuits, he devoted himself to community action, working to improve the lives of individuals impacted by poverty and supporting changes to the criminal justice system.

Views on Race and Criminal Justice

Charleston White’s time in prison and his activism work have profoundly influenced his perspective on race and the criminal justice system. He has become a prominent critic of the system, using his firsthand experiences to shed light on the injustices within it.

Why was Charleston White arrested? 

The social media star was involved in a severe event that would permanently alter his life when he was just 14 years old. While trying to stop his pals from robbing a Foot Locker shop, the man lost his life in the subsequent pandemonium. Despite not having pulled the shot himself, Charleston accepted responsibility for the man’s death and accepted his part in the events. He became one of the first teenagers in Tarrant County to be judged guilty of a murder after making this admission, which resulted in a 12-year sentence and his conviction.

While serving time at Giddings State School, Charleston took significant steps towards personal growth and transformation. He embraced accountability for his actions and began to cultivate values, morals, and character. His time in the Capital Offender Program further reinforced his newfound respect for human life.

Initially slated for transfer to the adult prison system, Charleston’s positive transformation was recognized by four juvenile correctional officers who testified on his behalf. Their testimony ultimately led to his return to Giddings State School and, eventually, his release in 1998 at the age of 21.

When did Charleston White get locked up? 

Because he was still a juvenile at the time, the African American man who was involved in a murder case spent seven years in a state school from 1991 to 1998. Following his conviction, he was quite possibly the earliest youngster in Tarrant Province to be sentenced for homicide, as per Texas regulation. The Texas Young adult Value Division is liable for Giddings State School, a juvenile healing concentration. It is arranged in Lee Area in Giddings, Texas. 

During his time in the adolescent community, the man, who might later turn into a big name, went through huge self-awareness. He stopped being a part of a gang and started making friends online. Subsequent to carrying out his punishment, he sought after advanced education, at last procuring a college degree.

Charleston White’s Gang Involvement

Born in Texas in 1979, the motivational speaker faced a challenging start to life. He became involved in a serious crime at a young age, leading to his imprisonment for the murder of Michael Levy. Charleston White, along with two other boys, was part of a theft at a Foot Locker store where they stole sportswear. During the incident, Michael attempted to intervene and was tragically shot in the parking lot. This crime, stemming from his difficult upbringing, ultimately resulted in Charleston’s incarceration.

What did Charleston White say on Cam Newton’s show?

Charleston White was a visitor on Cam Newton’s Out of control Friday Webcast on Saturday, December 1, 2023. As per Newton’s YouTube channel, the webcast, which includes an alternate VIP visitor consistently, endeavors to begin discussions about various subjects, from mainstream society and diversion news to way of life and connections. In spite of its extended three-hour term, the episode immediately accumulated north of 861,000 perspectives by December 2. 

However, only 34,000 people liked it, indicating that some viewers may have been hesitant about the content White and Newton discussed. During the webcast, White transparently examined his criminal past, time spent in prison, and his excursion of individual change. The discussion likewise addressed more dubious subjects, incorporating White’s argumentative relationship with football trainer Deion Sanders.

 At a certain point, White areas of strength for communicated towards Sanders, expressing, “F*** Deion…. I’m advising Individuals of color to say f**k Deion,” notwithstanding Newton’s endeavors to control the discussion somewhere new. White likewise professed to have had an association with previous President Donald Trump, referencing his contribution in Trump’s mission in important landmark states.

 All through the webcast, White stayed unashamed in regards to his striking assertions, declaring, “I’m willing to pass on, kill, and go to prison for what emerges from my mouth…that’s the reason I talk so strongly.” The episode covered a large number of points, from Beyoncé to Bill Belichick, keeping audience members drew in and provoking different responses via online entertainment stages. 

White’s behavior was criticized, with some users describing him as “disgusting” and a “menace,” while others praised the episode’s raw authenticity. White’s growing TikTok and Instagram following suggests that, despite the mixed reception, some of his controversial remarks resonated.

Why was Charleston White sent to prison?

At the age of 14, Charleston White was involved in a shoplifting incident with three friends at a Foot Locker store, where a man was tragically shot dead in the parking lot during a confrontation.

Reflecting on this event, White candidly admitted to The Texas Tribune, “I was, for all intents and purposes, a murderer. I didn’t pull the trigger, but I was responsible for the shooting death.” This incident led to his sentencing for murder under the Texas Determining Sentence law, making him one of the first juveniles in Tarrant County to receive such a conviction.

Initially, White was slated to be transferred to an adult facility before his 18th birthday. However, due to the advocacy of “four juvenile correctional officers who put their jobs on the line,” his case was reconsidered. White attributes his second chance to their efforts, stating, “I’ve always heard juvenile justice advocates and officials say, ‘If I can just reach one kid then I’ve done my job.’ I was that one kid. Job well done.”

White was not moved; rather, he was brought back to Giddings State School, where he stayed until just before turning 21. He completed his seven-year term and was released from prison in 1998. Since then, he has remained out of jail.

However, White faced challenges reintegrating into society, as his time in prison had stunted his emotional and social development. He noted, “When I got out at 21, from a mental aspect of things, my thinking, the process of my emotions was on a 14-year-old level – I didn’t have the natural progress needed for social skills.” He also lacked the typical high school experiences, which are crucial for success in society.

What is Charleston White’s Instagram account? 

The comedian is active on Instagram, managing multiple accounts. One of his accounts boasts a following of around 21.2K, while another has amassed 63.8K followers. His posts on both accounts predominantly consist of videos. Charleston White’s net worth reflects his earnings as a motivational speaker and the profits from his online ventures. His journey from a troubled past to a positive role model is evident through his YouTube content, motivational talks, and comedy tours across the USA, all of which have helped him carve out his unique identity.

Facts about Charleston White


  1. Nickname: Baby Blue
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Date of Birth: May 17, 1977
  4. Age: 46 years old (as of January 2024)
  5. Place of Birth: Texas, United States
  6. Current Residence: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  7. Nationality: American
  8. Ethnicity: African American
  9. Religion: Christianity
  10. Sexuality: Straight
  11. Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)
  12. Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
  13. Hair Color: Brown
  14. Eye Color: Brown
  15. Father: Charles Ray
  16. Siblings: 1
  17. Marital Status: Married
  18. Wife: Tamara White
  19. Children: 2
  20. School: Giddings State School
  21. University: Texas Wesleyan University
  22. Profession: Comedian, Motivational Speaker, Digital Content Creator
  23. Net Worth: $1.5 million—$5 million

Summary :

Charleston White, born on May 17, 1977, in Texas, United States, is a comedian, motivational speaker, and digital content creator. Raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Charleston had a troubled past, including involvement in criminal activities at a young age. At 14, he was involved in a theft that resulted in the death of a man, leading to his incarceration. Despite his challenging upbringing, Charleston turned his life around, becoming a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He founded HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach to guide at-risk youth away from criminal behavior. Charleston’s journey to redemption has been marked by his openness about his past and his commitment to making a positive impact in his community.

FAQs :

When was Charleston White born?

Charleston White was born on May 17, 1977, in Texas, United States.

What is Charleston White’s net worth?

Charleston White’s estimated net worth ranges between $1.5 million and $5 million, according to sources like Wealthy Gorilla, HotNewHipHop, and Equity Atlas.

What is Charleston White’s occupation?

Charleston White is a comedian, motivational speaker, and digital content creator. He is also the founder of HYPE Youth Outreach, an organization that aims to help young people excel.

Is Charleston White married?

Yes, Charleston White is married to Tamara White. Together, they have two children.

What is Charleston White’s height and weight?

Charleston White is 5’8″ tall and weighs 154 lbs.

What is Charleston White’s ethnicity?

Charleston White is African American.

Where did Charleston White go to school?

Charleston White attended Giddings State School for his education.

What is Charleston White’s religion?

Charleston White follows the Christian faith.

What is Charleston White’s Instagram account?

Charleston White is active on Instagram, where he manages multiple accounts. One of his accounts has around 21.2K followers, while another has amassed 63.8K followers. His posts on both accounts predominantly consist of videos.

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