suicideboys net worth
suicideboys net worth

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April 2, 2024
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$uicideboy$, otherwise called suicideboys, is Another Orleans-based rap team made out of two cousins, Ruby the Cherry and Scrim. Making progress in the underground rap scene, $uicideboy$ are well en route to a well established effective music vocation. They have additionally sought after external undertakings, for example, opening their own music mark called G59 Records.

Suicide Boys Net Worth

Suicideboys, otherwise called $uicideboy$ is an American hip bounce team situated in New Orleans, Louisiana, US. It is established by 2 cousins: Scrim (otherwise called $crim) as well as Ruby da Cherry in the year 2014. The Team became famous through SoundCloud, which is a well known music sharing stage. Attributable to their extreme melodious substance, rough as well as self-created beats, they certainly stood out from the crowds. Self destruction Young men own their own mark named “G*59 Records”. What’s more, they produce and appropriate all of their music through their own mark. All things considered, Self destruction Young men claims a total assets of $2.5 million bucks. They are becoming well known step by step. What’s more, the pair has a few melodic styles. If it’s not too much trouble, read cautiously until the end.

Who is Suicideboys?

$uicideboy$, otherwise called Suicideboys, is an American hip jump pair comprising of cousins Scrim (Scott Arceneaux Jr.) and Ruby da Cherry (Aristos Norman Petrou). They are known for their one of a kind mix of hip bounce, punk rap, and trap metal.


Suicideboys was shaped in 2014 and acquired prominence through stages like SoundCloud. They are known for their intense melodious substance and rough, self-created beats. They delivered their most memorable task, “Commit suicide Part I: The $uicide $aga,” in 2014, trailed by coordinated efforts with craftsmen like Dark Smurf and Pouya. In 2015, they delivered the EP “$outh $ide $uicide,” which acquired north of 75 million streams on SoundCloud. They delivered their most memorable studio collection, “I Need to Kick the bucket in New Orleans,” in 2018. Suicideboys have amassed an enormous following via virtual entertainment, with a huge number of supporters on stages like Instagram and YouTube. They additionally began their own record mark, G*59 Records, and have teamed up with standard craftsmen like Travis Barker and James Shaffer. The two individuals from Suicideboys have sought after performance undertakings and joint efforts beyond the pair.

Early Life

We have referenced before that the pair was framed by Ruby da Cherry and Scrim in 2014. The couple is situated in New Orleans, Louisiana, US. Indeed, presently how about we present their individuals. The two individuals from Self destruction Young men are connected together by blood. They are cousins, truth be told. Aristos Petrou is the first name of “Ruby da Cherry” who was brought into the world on April 22, 1990, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He experienced childhood with the East Bank of New Orleans. Presently he is 5′ 8″ tall. Presently we should discuss $crim whose unique name is Scott Arceneaux Jr., and he was brought into the world on April 11, 1989, in similar spot of his cousin Ruby da Cherry. They grew up together in a similar spot, as a matter of fact. Scrim is 5′ 10″ tall.


AttributeScrimRuby da Cherry
Full NameScrimRuby da Cherry
Birth DateApril 11, 1989April 22, 1990
Country of OriginUSAUSA
ProfessionHip hopHip hop
Social MediaFacebookFacebook
Net Worth (2024)$4 million$4 million
Last UpdatedJan 18, 2024Jan 18, 2024


The American melodic craftsman is 5 feet 8 inches (173 centimeters) tall. He weighs roughly 165 pounds (75 kilograms).


Scrim: 34 years of age (conceived April 11, 1989) Ruby da Cherry: 33 years of age (conceived April 22, 1990)


In the year 2014, Self destruction Young men delivered their most memorable task named “Commit suicide Part I: The $uicide $aga” through Bandcamp as well as SoundCloud. With their most memorable undertaking, they had the option to certainly stand out from their crowds. Then they worked together with Dark Smurf who was their kindred underground rapper. On Walk 3, 2015, they together delivered their most memorable complete undertaking named Dim/Dark. The team likewise worked together with Pouya who is a rapper situated in South Florida. What’s more, they delivered the 2015 EP $outh $ide $uicide. The track acquired tremendous ubiquity. It even gushed north of 75 million plays simply on SoundCloud, as of October 2018. The couple delivered their most memorable studio collection named “I Need to Bite the dust in New Orleans” on September 7, 2018. Okay, “Paris” is their most seen music video up until this point. Aside from their work in Suicideboys, $crim and Ruby da Cherry have both delivered irregular performance work. What’s more, they additionally worked with different specialists independently. 

The Origin Story

$uicideboy$ is made out of two individuals Ruby the Cherry and Scrim. The cousins acquired notoriety from the underground rap scene, where their music became famous on administrations like SoundCloud and have achieved a faction following from their fans. $crim, otherwise called Scott Anthony Arceneaux Jr, was brought into the world in Marrero, Louisiana, on April 11, 1989. His music vocation was initially enlivened by any semblance of Kanye West and T-Torment, among others, yet with a significantly more unforgiving and reckless style and verses. Arceneaux quite battled with chronic drug use before however has expressed he is without drug since February of 2019. $crim started DJing in his childhood and would play at occasions at a neighborhood junior college. He held different work occupations before he tracked down notoriety however had been given up from numerous organizations due to his tattoos.

Ruby the Cherry

Ruby the Cherry, otherwise called Aristos Norman Petrou on April 22, 1990, in Louisiana. His dad initially moved to the US in light of a full-ride athletic grant at the College of New Orleans. His music vocation started early on, similar as his cousin, and he started playing instruments as soon as seven years of age. All through his scholarly vocation, he played in school groups and in the end joined a carport band as the drummer. Following conflicts between the band, Vapo-Rodents, Petrou shaped $uicideboy$ with his cousin with who he had grown up. They named the couple $uicideboy$ in light of the fact that the two were discontent with their ongoing circumstance throughout everyday life and made a settlement that on the off chance that their music profession didn’t work out, they would end it all. Fortunately, they have turned into a broadly perceived bunch and have made progress in their enthusiasm. $uicideboy$ – Total assets – Ruby the Cherry and Scrim

Personal Life:

Scrim (Scott Arceneaux Jr.) experienced childhood in Marrero, Louisiana. He battled with illicit drug use and other individual difficulties yet has been sans drug since February 2019. He started DJing in his childhood and maintained different sources of income prior to making progress in music. Ruby da Cherry (Aristos Norman Petrou) was brought into the world in Louisiana and experienced childhood with the East Bank of New Orleans. He began playing instruments very early in life and framed $uicideboy$ with his cousin Scrim. The team named themselves $uicideboy$ as an impression of their disappointment with life at that point.

So, how much is $uicideboy$ worth?

$uicideboy$ have amassed an enormous following via online entertainment since their development in 2014. The gathering made its beginning on the web, delivering underground EPs and mixtapes to different stages, most prominently SoundCloud. Their music is generally not the same as standard rappers and has been arranged as troublemaker rap or trap metal. 

Despite the fact that they acquired their finishing SoundCloud the stage and achieved countless streams through the stage, their abundance isn’t a consequence of installments from SoundCloud. The rap couple has made critical progress on the YouTube scene throughout their vocation. $uicideboy$ have amassed 3.68 million endorsers since their commencement and have a stunning 2.4 billion perspectives all out. 

Their most remarkable recordings, “… And To Those I Love, Gratitude For Staying close by” and “PARIS,” have 84 million and 152 million perspectives, separately. Because of their underground rap scene childhood in the music business, a lot of their music was at one point just accessible on administrations like YouTube, which has prompted a proceeded with development in sees. 

The team has likewise acquired a powerful following via virtual entertainment. The $uicideboy$ fundamental Instagram account has 2.7 million devotees and is used for brand bargains as well as to keep fans informed about new music or event dates. The two individuals likewise have individual records with a joined 2.7 million supporters. They have additionally accessed more standard music stages because of their effective underground vocation. 

On Spotify, the gathering gathers 10 million month to month audience members, and their main three melodies have almost 1 billion listens by and large. Their 2019 EP discharge included well known star Travis Barker and renowned Korn guitarist James Shaffer. The 6-track project was named Live Quick, Kick the bucket At whatever point, and was an enormous hit for the pair.

 In 2021 following a year separated, the team rejoined and delivered their subsequent collection, The Drawn out Impacts of Misery, and went on visit presently a short time later. In 2022, they delivered the collection — Sing Me a Bedtime song, My Sweet Enticement. $uicideboy$ have additionally quite begun their own record name, G*59. 

Different individuals from the mark additionally went along with them on their 2021 visit. The gathering has responsibility for of their music and works as a name proprietor to numerous different craftsmen. This business gives the pair extra income to agree with their music vocation.

Social media life 

Self destruction Christ has a fan base of above and beyond 1.3 million devotees on his Instagram account and appreciates in excess of 342,000 supporters on his Twitter account. His band likewise has a YouTube channel with north of 2,000,000 supporters, a Facebook page with in excess of 222,000 devotees, and an Instagram account with over 1.8 million devotees. 

They post about their impending tunes, merchandise and parcels favoring this large number of web-based entertainment stages. Life was not ruddy for Scott Arceneaux jr. He needed to offer medications to get sufficient the means to create his melodies. He experienced discouragement, tension, illicit drug use and implosion, however despite everything, he utilized his negative insight to fabricate a profession for himself in music. 

His verses, however forceful, convey a message. In a new post on Brooke Daniells, Catherine Ringer’s better half, detailed that Brooke was brought up in Tomball, Texas. Prior to beginning a relationship with her ongoing accomplice, she was hitched to Kenneth Daniells, and the association was honored with two youngsters: Sage and Zoe.


  • Founded in 2014 by cousins Scrim and Ruby da Cherry.
  • Known for their tough lyrical content and abrasive, self-produced beats.
  • Released their first project, “Kill Yourself Part I: The $uicide $aga,” in 2014.
  • Released their first studio album, “I Want to Die in New Orleans,” in 2018.
  • Have a large following on social media and have amassed millions of streams on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube.
  • Own their own label, G*59 Records, and have collaborated with mainstream artists.


$uicideboy$, otherwise called Suicideboys, is an American hip jump pair comprising of cousins Scrim (Scott Arceneaux Jr.) and Ruby da Cherry (Aristos Norman Petrou). Shaped in 2014, they acquired ubiquity through SoundCloud with their exceptional mix of hip bounce, punk rap, and trap metal. They own their own name, G*59 Records, and have worked together with standard craftsmen like Travis Barker and James Shaffer. The two individuals have sought after performance ventures and coordinated efforts beyond the team. Starting around 2024, Suicideboys’ total assets is assessed to be $2.5 million.


What is Suicideboys’ net worth?

Suicideboys’ net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million as of 2024.

When was Suicideboys formed?

Suicideboys was formed in 2014 by cousins Scrim and Ruby da Cherry.

What is Suicideboys’ musical style?

Suicideboys’ musical style is a unique blend of hip hop, punk rap, and trap metal.

Do Scrim and Ruby da Cherry have solo projects?

Yes, both Scrim and Ruby da Cherry have pursued solo projects and collaborations outside of Suicideboys.

What is the name of Suicideboys’ record label?

Suicideboys’ record label is called G*59 Records, which they own and operate themselves.

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