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Stelle Ciccone: Bio, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth & Other Detail

April 30, 2024
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Statistics show that adoption rates among children in the US are high each year, and celebrities frequently play a major role in this trend by accepting children from all over the world into their homes. Madonna is particularly notable in this movement since she decided to become a mom through adoption. From a Malawian orphanage, she adopted Stelle Ciccone and her twin sister Estere into her family.

Madonna’s impact beyond her capacity as a mom through adoption. In the entertainment business, she is renowned for her adaptability as an actor, singer, and composer. Madonna is widely regarded as one of the most compelling people in mainstream culture, and her influence can be heard in her varied approaches to songwriting, music production, and stage design. Her roles in a variety of network series and movies have further cemented her reputation as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Who is Stelle Ciccone?

Having been born in Malawi in 2012, Stelle will turn nine years old in 2021. She will celebrate her birthday on August 24 with her twin sister, Estere. Adam Mwale, their biological father, works as a rancher in a small Malawian people group and tries to provide for his family no matter how much money they have. 

Unfortunately, complications from a cesarean section caused Stelle and Estere’s mother to pass very soon after they were born.Adam was forced to make the painful decision to take his small girls to the Home of Trust Shelter in Mchinji, which is situated outside of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe. Adam never wavered in his dedication to his kids in spite of his circumstances, frequently visiting the orphanage to make sure the kids were receiving the care and attention they required.

Stelle Ciccone Biography

Stelle Ciccone, the tiny daughter born to Adam and Patricia Mwale, entered the world on August 24, 2012 in Malawi. In 2022, Stelle, a Virgo, will turn 10 years old. After Patricia died, Adam, a small-scale rancher, struggled to give Stelle and her twin sister Estere his full attention due to complications from a cesarean section. 

Adam made the painful choice to send kids to a shelter in Malawi after realizing how impossible it would be to accommodate them. But on her visit to the orphanage, Madonna encountered Stelle and her sister, and this choice ultimately led to a meeting that changed her life. Then, Stelle’s life took a completely different turn when Madonna decided to adopt them, giving her and her sister a fresh start full of love, opportunity, and support.

Stelle Ciccone Wiki 

Full nameStelle Ciccone
Date of birthAugust 24, 2012
Age10 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac signVirgo
Place of birthMalawi
Current residenceNew York, USA
Height (feet)4’
Height (centimetres)121
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
FatherAdam Mwale
MotherPatricia Mwale
Adoptive motherMadonna Louise Ciccone

Stelle Ciccone Age

On August 24, 2012, Stelle Ciccone was born in a tiny Malawian town. Madonna, her adopted mother, has reared her. Like with her other children, Madonna continues to provide Stelle affection and lavish celebrations on her birthday as she approaches her eleventh birthday in 2022. Their joint projects are regularly featured on Madonna’s online entertainment sections, providing glimpses into their extraordinary relationship and the important moments they spend together as a family.

Stelle Ciccone Height

At four feet, or 121 cm, tall, Stelle has beautiful black hair and deep brown eyes. Her physical characteristics add to her unusual and one-of-a-kind appearance, which reflects her personality and uniqueness.

Stelle Ciccone Career

Still discovering her hobbies, Stelle likes to sing and act; she frequently posts clips of herself on her mother’s Instagram. She also devotes her time to ballet and figure skating. When Madonna was on her Madam X tour, she and her twin sister Estere danced as support artists. Through their own Instagram account, the twins keep followers updated while showcasing their love for sports like tennis and football. Mercy and David Banda, their adoptive siblings, follow their own passions, while Madonna maintains her position as the world’s biggest pop music star, having sold over 300 million records.

Stelle Ciccone Net worth

While Stelle is currently focused on her education and is unable to find employment, her mother, the Rowdy Corridor of Famer, boasts of having an estimated $850 million in total assets. Madonna’s wealth recalls large-scale land speculations valued at over $80 million as well as handicraft collections valued at over $100 million.

Many teenage girls wish to live the kind of lifestyle that Stelle Ciccone and her twin sister Estere are leading now that they are under the watchful eye of their famous mother. They have access to a wealth of possibilities and resources to help them succeed in the life ahead of them since Madonna is both a mother and a mentor to them.

Stelle Ciccone Parents

Tragically, Stelle and her twin sister Estere lost their original mother soon after birth as a result of complications following a cesarean section. Due to financial difficulties, their farmer father, Adam Mwale, had to make the painful choice to put children in the Home of Hope orphanage in Mchinji, where he continued to see them on a daily basis.

In 2017, Adam consented to Madonna adopting his twin girls because he saw the possibility of a better future. Desiring nothing less than the best for his daughters, he gave them over to the Queen of Pop, and together, with Madonna’s help and support, they started a new chapter in New York, USA.

Stelle Ciccone Siblings

Together with her siblings, Stelle Ciccone forms a loving and varied family.Her siblings include Estere, her twin sister, with whom she has a very special bond. She belongs to a larger family that includes Mercy James, Lourdes Leon, Rocco Ritchie, and David Banda. Every family member adds their distinct perspectives and experiences to their interactions with one another, weaving memories and support among themselves into a beautiful tapestry. As a close-knit family, they possess the strength and unity to overcome life’s challenges in unison.

Stelle Ciccone Twin sister

Born in Malawi on August 24, 2012, Stelle Ciccone and her twin sister Estere Ciccone have a unique kinship that extends beyond their same birthdate. The sisters, who are young, have a close relationship and are often spotted having fun and cuddling up to one another. Stelle often gravitates toward the spotlight, whereas Estere finds solace in a more subdued demeanor, expressing her creativity via her enthusiasm for painting and sketching. 

With a pencil or paintbrush in hand, she effortlessly transforms her vivid fantasies into distinct realities, imbuing her exceptional touch on her surroundings. In addition to her creative ability, Estere has a maternal and compassionate personality, which is especially evident in her portrayal as Stelle’s sister. She is the epitome of sisterhood—unwavering in her adoration and support—and often shows worry and care for her twin’s pleasure and well-being.

Stelle Ciccone Relationship 

In 2017, Madonna welcomed four-year-old Stelle and her twin sister Estere into her family following a historic adoption journey. Before being adopted, the twins were placed in an institution. Their father approved of their adoption by a wealthy foreign woman with the intention of giving them a better life.  The hope behind this choice was that the daughters would go to a decent school and then come back to help support the family. The twins moved to New York to live with Madonna after completing the required adoption processes, at which point they became African-American citizens of the United States.

On her Instagram page, Madonna publicly announced that the reception contact was over. She expressed her deep affection for the twins and demonstrated their safety with adorable photos and moments spent together. In addition to touring with Madonna, the twins have also served as background dancers for her events, such as the Madam X tour. They now play a crucial role in Madonna’s family. 

Their upbringing in a supportive and stable environment with many opportunities for growth and development is a reflection of Madonna’s commitment to provide them with a fulfilling existence. Stelle Ciccone is not the only young person with similar mentality; she has four relatives, including Rocco Ritchie and Lourdes Maria, the biological children of Madonna. With the adoption of two children from the Malawian Expectation Shelter—David Banda and Leniency James—Madonna’s dedication to welcoming continues.

Stelle Ciccone Social Media

Stelle and her twin sister Estere maintain a shared Instagram account titled “Estere & Stella,” where they regularly document their adventures alongside their renowned mother and siblings. Madonna has shared insights into their active lifestyle, revealing their love for sports such as soccer and tennis. While Stelle and Estere enjoy these activities with enthusiasm, their adopted sibling David Banda is pursuing his passion for soccer as an aspiring athlete, currently honing his skills at a football academy in Portugal. Additionally, their sister Mercy has found her passion in extreme sports, further adding to the diverse interests within their family dynamic.


Birth and Adoption: Stelle Ciccone was born on August 24, 2012, in Malawi, Africa, to Adam and Patricia Mwale. Tragically, her mother passed away soon after her birth due to complications from a cesarean section. Stelle and her twin sister Estere were adopted by Madonna, the iconic singer, in 2017, after being placed in a Malawian orphanage.

Family Background: Stelle’s father, Adam Mwale, worked as a rancher in Malawi. Due to financial difficulties and the loss of their mother, Adam made the difficult decision to place Stelle and Estere in a shelter. However, he remained dedicated to his daughters’ well-being, visiting them frequently at the orphanage.

Current Life: Since her adoption, Stelle has been raised by Madonna in New York, USA, alongside her siblings Mercy James, Lourdes Leon, Rocco Ritchie, and David Banda. Stelle and Estere share a special bond and are often seen engaging in various activities together, including singing, acting, ballet, figure skating, and sports like soccer and tennis.

Social Media Presence: Stelle and Estere maintain a shared Instagram account titled “Estere & Stella,” where they document their adventures with Madonna and their siblings. Madonna often shares insights into their active lifestyle, showcasing their love for sports and other activities.

Net Worth: While Stelle is currently focused on her education and does not have a personal net worth, Madonna is estimated to have a net worth of $850 million, providing Stelle and her siblings with access to a wealth of opportunities and resources.

Impact of Adoption: Madonna’s adoption of Stelle and Estere reflects her commitment to providing children with loving homes and opportunities for growth and development. The twins’ upbringing in a supportive and stable environment highlights Madonna’s dedication to their well-being and future success.


Stelle Ciccone, born on August 24, 2012, in Malawi, Africa, faced early challenges after losing her mother to complications from birth. Her father, Adam Mwale, made the difficult decision to place Stelle and her twin sister Estere in a Malawian orphanage due to financial struggles. However, their lives took a positive turn when Madonna, the renowned singer, adopted them in 2017.Since their adoption, Stelle has been raised by Madonna in New York, USA, alongside her siblings Mercy James, Lourdes Leon, Rocco Ritchie, and David Banda. In addition to participating in a variety of sports and activities including acting, figure skating, ballet, singing, and tennis and soccer, Stelle and Estere have a strong friendship.The busy lifestyle and social media presence of Stelle and her siblings demonstrate Madonna’s dedication to provide them a caring home and growth chances. Madonna’s estimated net worth of $850 million guarantees a life full of opportunities for Stelle and her siblings, but Stelle’s personal net worth remains unknown as she concentrates on her studies.


How old is Stelle Ciccone?

Stelle was born on August 24, 2012, making her 10 years old as of 2022.

Who are Stelle Ciccone’s parents?

Stelle’s biological parents are Adam and Patricia Mwale. Madonna, the iconic singer, adopted Stelle and her twin sister Estere in 2017.

What is Stelle Ciccone’s net worth?

As of now, Stelle is focused on her education and does not have a personal net worth. However, her adoptive mother, Madonna, is estimated to have a net worth of $850 million.

What is Stelle Ciccone’s relationship with Madonna?

Madonna adopted Stelle and her twin sister Estere in 2017. Since then, Stelle has been raised by Madonna in New York, forming a close bond with her and her siblings.

Does Stelle Ciccone have siblings?

Yes, Stelle has siblings, including her twin sister Estere, as well as Mercy James, Lourdes Leon, Rocco Ritchie, and David Banda.

What are Stelle Ciccone’s interests and hobbies?

Stelle enjoys singing, acting, ballet, and figure skating. She also shares her love for sports like soccer and tennis with her siblings on social media.

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