pete holmes wife
pete holmes wife

May 29, 2024
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Pete Holmes wife Net Worth Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Family And More


Humorist Pete Holmes has been hitched to Valerie Chaney for more than six years. Despite the fact that Holmes keeps his day to day life hidden, zeroing in his virtual entertainment presence on his parody vocation, obviously they share major areas of strength for a.

Pete Holmes wife net worth 

Valerie Chaney hasn’t shared points of interest about her income as a contemplation and care teacher, however her total assets are assessed to be around $0.5 million starting around 2023. She partakes in an agreeable way of life, dwelling in a rich home in Los Angeles and driving a Mercedes Benz.

Who is Pete Holmes’ wife ?

Pete Holmes’ soul mate, Valerie Chaney, is an eminent yoga teacher in Los Angeles, California. Brought into the world on February 28, 1989, in Arcata, California, Valerie recognizes her birthday on a comparable date reliably. She is American by personality and has a spot with a Caucasian-white ethnic establishment, with Christianity as her certainty.

Valerie is the little girl of Bill and Beth Senior Chaney and grew up with her sibling, Derek Chaney. She went to Aha Secondary School prior to seeking a Four year education in liberal arts in English at Cal Poly Humboldt. She later procured a Graduate degree in Expressions from the College of California, Davis.

Pete Holmes wife Bio 

Peter Benedict Holmes was brought into the world on Walk 30, 1979, in Boston. His mom, a Lithuanian displaced person, and his dad, who has Irish lineage, brought him up in Lexington, Massachusetts. He has a sibling who makes music under the name Dr. Holmes.

Holmes went to Lexington Secondary School and later Gordon School in Wenham, Massachusetts, where he graduated with a degree in English and Correspondences in 2001. During his school years, he played in an underground rock band and was dynamic in a comedy satire band called The Sweat-soaked Toothed Maniacs.

Initially, Holmes expected to follow his mom’s desires and turned into a young minister. In any case, his energy for parody at last outweighed his underlying designs to teach. In the wake of battling to make progress as a humorist in Massachusetts, he moved to Drowsy Empty, New York, and afterward to Chicago, before at long last getting comfortable in Los Angeles.

Pete Holmes wife Education 

Experiencing childhood in Lexington, Massachusetts, Pete Holmes sought after his energy for correspondence and English, procuring a degree from Gordon School. He launched his profession in the dynamic satire scene of New York City, becoming famous with appearances on well known shows like “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and “John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show.” Past stand-up, Holmes has displayed his flexibility by loaning his voice to important characters, outstandingly as the E-Exchange child ads.

Pete Holmes wife body measurements

Valerie Chaney stays at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 62 kg. Her body assessments are 35 slithers for her bust, 26 deadheads for her mid-region, and 36 wet blankets for her hips. While she hasn’t uncovered her shoe, dress, and bra sizes, we understand she has light hair and natural hued eyes.

Pete Holmes wife Personal life 

Peter Holmes wedded his school sweetheart at 22 years old, however he has kept her personality hidden. Their marriage finished six years some other time when he found she was undermining him, an encounter that later motivated his semi-self-portraying sitcom, “Crashing” (2017-2019). In late 2017, Holmes wedded Valerie Chaney, and the couple invited their little girl in September 2018.

Holmes is a veggie lover and has a novel interpretation of his Christian confidence. In spite of the fact that he initially wanted to turn into a young minister, he presently entertainingly portrays himself as “Christ-inclining” and a “hooray theist.” Known for his level, Holmes, who remains at 6 feet 6 inches, frequently kids about the difficulties and advantages of being so tall. He’s even examined this with individual entertainer Bo Burnham, who has a similar level

Pete Holmes wife Family 

Pete Holmes has encountered two relationships. His most memorable marriage was to Becca when he was only 22. They were together for a long time prior to separating, with Holmes crediting their split to her disloyalty.

In 2014, Pete started dating Valerie Chaney. Following three years together, they wedded in 2017. Their family developed in 2018 with the introduction of their little girl, Lila Jane.

Pete Holmes wife Religion

Pete Holmes was brought up in a passionate Roman Catholic family and has stayed focused on his confidence all through his life. Well established in chapel rehearsals since youth, Holmes gives no indications of changing his strict convictions at any point in the near future.

Pete Holmes wife career 

Peter Holmes started off his profession in the clamoring New York City satire scene. By the mid-2000s, he was acting in clubs and becoming well known on Funny TV’s “Exceptional Mix.” He turned into an ordinary specialist on VH1’s “Greatest Week Of all time” and showed up on VH1’s “All Entrance.” Close to this time, Holmes likewise started visiting as an entertainer, remembering gigs for the Christian parody circuit.

Beginning around 2006, his kid’s shows have been highlighted in The New Yorker, displaying one more element of his imagination. In 2009, Holmes made and featured in a noteworthy Super Bowl XLIII promotion for Doritos, which cleverly presented an imaginary lager enhanced chip, each containing as much liquor as a 16 oz. container of brew.

Pete Holmes wife Relationship

Pete Holmes and his better half, Valerie Chaney, have been joyfully hitched for north of six years. While Holmes doesn’t uncover a lot about his day to day life via virtual entertainment, his posts predominantly center around his satire profession, where he gives pleasure and chuckles to his fans.

Pete Holmes wife They share a child

In July 2018, Valerie Chaney posted an endearing photograph on Instagram of Pete Holmes nestling her pregnant midsection, energetically subtitled, “Does this pregnancy make me look fat? What’s more, somewhat cross-looked at?”

She euphorically reported the introduction of their girl on September 25, 2018, with another Instagram post. Close by two photographs of their infant enveloped by a cover, she stated, “Welcome to the world, Child Lila! There’s chuckling and music and canines and air pockets, and in any event, when there’s aggravation and enduring, there’s dependably love and light to be found. Living is a demonstration of trust. You will adore it!”

In January 2023, Chaney shared a sweet photograph on Instagram of herself, Holmes, and Lila nestling on the love seat. She inscribed it, “Cheerful New Year from us! Here’s to unbrushed hair, an excess of television, and being frantically enamored!”

Pete Holmes wife They host a podcast together

Pete Holmes has a well known week after week parody web recording called “You Threw off everyone’s vibe,” where he meets big name visitors, frequently individual entertainers.

In August 2020, he sent off a side project called “We Threw off everyone’s vibe.” This form highlights comparative conversations to the first web recording however without big name visitors — just Holmes and his better half, Valerie Chaney, participating in genuine discussions.

Pete Holmes wife She’s into poetry 

In the midst of photographs of her little girl, recordings of her moving, and depictions from her movements, Valerie Chaney periodically shares her unique verse on Instagram.

In June 2023, she posted a piece of one of her sonnets that read, “You probably won’t recollect/So I’ll recall for you/What you said that mid-year night.”


Net Worth: Valerie Chaney’s estimated net worth is around $0.5 million as of 2023. She enjoys a comfortable lifestyle in Los Angeles, residing in a lavish home and driving a Mercedes Benz.

Profession: Valerie Chaney is a renowned yoga teacher and a contemplation and care instructor based in Los Angeles, California.

Background: Born on February 28, 1989, in Arcata, California, Valerie comes from a Caucasian-white ethnic background with Christianity as her faith. She is the daughter of Bill and Beth Senior Chaney and has a brother named Derek Chaney.

Education: Valerie attended Aha Secondary School before pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at Cal Poly Humboldt. She later earned a Master’s degree in Arts from the University of California, Davis.

Physical Attributes: Valerie stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 62 kg. Her body measurements are 35-26-36 inches. She has light hair and brown eyes.

Personal Life: Valerie Chaney is married to humorist Pete Holmes since late 2017, and they welcomed their daughter, Lila Jane, in September 2018.

Interests: Valerie occasionally shares her original poetry on Instagram, along with glimpses of her family life and travels.

Podcast: Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney co-host a podcast called “We Threw off everyone’s vibe,” where they engage in authentic conversations.

Relationship Duration: Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney have been happily married for over six years.


Valerie Chaney, the wife of humorist Pete Holmes, is a contemplation and yoga instructor based in Los Angeles, California. Born on February 28, 1989, Valerie pursued her education in English and Arts before establishing herself in her profession. She and Pete Holmes tied the knot in late 2017 and welcomed their daughter, Lila Jane, in September 2018. Valerie occasionally shares her poetry on Instagram and co-hosts a podcast with Pete Holmes. Despite maintaining a private life, she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle with an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.


What is Valerie Chaney’s net worth?

Valerie Chaney’s net worth is estimated to be around $0.5 million as of 2023.

What is Valerie Chaney’s profession?

Valerie Chaney is a yoga teacher and contemplation and care instructor based in Los Angeles, California.

When did Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney get married?

Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney got married in late 2017.

Do Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney have children?

Yes, Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney have a daughter named Lila Jane, born in September 2018.

What podcast do Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney co-host?

Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney co-host a podcast called “We Threw off everyone’s vibe.”

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