missy elliott husband
missy elliott husband

Missy Elliott’s Husband? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family And More

May 21, 2024
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She’s perhaps the greatest name in hip-jump. During the 90s, she prepared for other female rappers to make standard progress.

She had a huge number of hit singles, including “Sock It 2 Me,” “Work It,” and “Get Ur Oddity On.”

All in all, who has Missy Elliott dated? You are familiar with her music, yet what amount do you have with her own life?

She’s been in hot water throughout recent decades, however it’s indistinct whether she’s consistently sealed the deal.

Gossip sites revealed that Missy Elliott wedded her protege Sharaya J in 2013, yet she’s never affirmed those bits of hearsay. So there is possibly no Missy Elliott spouse or husband.

There has been a reiteration of Missy Elliott connections, incorporating Olivia Longott, Lil’ Kim, and Trina.

Missy Elliott will in general keep her own life hidden, so it’s not generally simple to get insights concerning the people Missy Elliott dated.

This rundown will go through individuals Missy Elliott dated, and what the idea of their relationship was. Confidence Evans and Da Rascal were additionally answered to be Missy Elliott exes.

This rundown gives you a total Missy Elliott dating history. You might be shocked by a portion of the Missy Elliott sweethearts, yet for any Missy spreads out there, it’s fundamental perusing.

Sharaya J

Missy Elliott and Sharaya J started their heartfelt connection around 2011, after first gathering through their common enthusiasm for music and media outlets.

Sharaya turned into Missy’s protégé, and the two worked intently together on different activities, including joint efforts and the production of Sharaya’s presentation single, “BANJI.”

Their relationship had all the earmarks of being pressing onward for a considerable length of time, albeit the specific span stays a secret.

As time went on, notwithstanding, the idea of their relationship developed, and they at last decided to zero in on areas of strength for their organization and companionship as opposed to proceed with their sentiment.

Sharaya J is a gifted rapper, choreographer, and imaginative chief hailing from the roads of Hawaii and New Jersey.

She immediately rose to popularity subsequent to grabbing the eye of Missy Elliott, who encouraged her and aided her become the fruitful craftsman she is today.

Close by chipping away at her own music, Sharaya J has added to a few high-profile coordinated efforts and arranged for different striking entertainers.

Throughout the long term, her unmistakable style, snappy tunes, and relentless energy have cemented her status inside the hip-bounce local area.

What has Missy said about wanting kids?

Missy, genuine name Melissa Arnette Elliott, has seldom at any point expressed about needing to begin a family, getting those pieces of her life far from the spotlight.

Nonetheless, in a 2008 meeting with Individuals, she discussed her hesitance to conceive an offspring and needing to embrace rather.

While communicating that she “most certainly” needed to be a mother one day, she added of regular work: “I couldn’t say whether I can take that sort of aggravation.”

“Perhaps in the year 2020 you could simply pop a child out and it’d be fine. However, at this moment I’d prefer to simply embrace.”

Who is Missy dating?

There have been a few reports throughout the years conjecturing the rapper’s sexuality, which she has decided to keep hidden, and she has been connected as a rule with specialists of different sexes.

During the early aughts, she was reputed to date vocalist Olivia Longott (of 50 Penny’s “Sweets Shop”), albeit neither at any point affirmed as such while they kept a kinship because of running in similar circles.

She has additionally been connected, to fluctuating degrees, to individuals like Lil’ Kim, Trina, Da Rascal, in addition to close partner and companion Timbaland, creator Karrine Steffans, artist and co-teammate Charlene Keys a.k.a. Tweet, as well as vocalist Nicole Wray.

Her companion and Genuine Housewives star Eva Marcille shut down guarantees that she was dating the rapper, and in 2013, it was accounted for that she had hitched her protégé Sharaya J, albeit the last option has basically alluded to Missy as her “music mother.”

Missy Elliott Was Rumored to Be Gay and Linked to Many Famous People over the Years

Missy Elliott’s sexuality has been a disputed matter among the media and fans for the vast majority of her profession.

There has been far and wide theory that Elliott is gay and has been claimed to be in heartfelt connections with a few other female VIPs, including Keri Hilson, Olivia, and Lil Kim.

Elliott and Olivia were supposed to be in a sexual relationship at some point somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2007, when Olivia was important for the G-Unit stable.

Albeit those bits of hearsay, in the same way as other others, didn’t build up some decent forward momentum then, at that point, 50 Penny’s cases that Elliott and Olivia were in a sexual relationship during a 2014 meeting gave substance to the charge.

The “Sweets Shop” rapper had offered that expression while answering inquiries concerning his inability to function admirably with Olivia; subsequently, there might have been a feeling of harshness in his reaction.

Furthermore, Olivia had recently expressed that she appreciated making music more with Elliot than with 50, which added to their closeness.

In 2013, some tattle bloggers ran the story that Elliott wedded Sharaya J, a forthcoming rapper she had endorsed to her record organization, The Goldmind Inc.

Two years after the tales, Sharaya J alluded to Elliott as her “music mother,” proposing there might have been nothing between them.

Missy Elliott Keeps Her Love Life Away from the Media Spotlight

Elliott’s sexuality and relationship status are among the most remarkably monitored superstar subtleties.

The rapper has never discussed her sexuality and has never been spotted with her accomplice/darling freely.

Subsequently, every one of the things expounded on her in such a manner have been hypothesized.

She has made a few unpretentious reactions to the reports at times. For instance, when she was suspected to date artist Keri Hilson in 2011, she terminated back at the cases on Twitter, saying the two had never cooperated and scarcely knew one another.

Keri Hilson additionally upheld Elliott on Twitter, calling the cases lies.

At one time, there were bits of hearsay that Elliott was dating Eva Marcille, a previous “The Genuine Housewives of Atlanta” star.

Marcille denied it during a meeting on the “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

She said she had never associated with Elliott past companionship, and they don’t discuss the bits of gossip as Elliott is “non-angry.”

Missy Elliott Once Confessed She Wanted to Adopt a Child

Elliott is predominantly close-lipped regarding her confidential life and does well to keep it out of the spotlight. She has never been hitched, nor has she had any children.

Subsequently, when she discussed her longing to have youngsters in 2008, that was an uncommon event for the media and her fans.

In making the disclosures, she affirmed that she might want to be a mother, however not an organic one, as she is terrified of the aggravation that accompanies work and conveyance.

She expressed, “Perhaps in 2020, you could simply pop a child out, and it’d be fine. Be that as it may, at the present time, I’d prefer to simply take on.” By and by, Elliott actually has no kids, even embraced ones.

In 2012, Elliott raised some flitting disarray after she brought up, “I got two young men you all are hearing it interestingly, two children.”

In any case, following a couple of sensational seconds, she explained her explanation, saying she was alluding to her two canines in the midst of much giggling in the studio.


  1. Rumored Marriage: There were rumors in 2013 that Missy Elliott married her protégé Sharaya J, but these were never confirmed.
  2. Past Relationships: Missy Elliott has been linked to several celebrities, including Olivia Longott, Lil’ Kim, Trina, and others.
  3. Privacy: Missy Elliott is known for keeping her personal life very private, rarely discussing her relationships publicly.
  4. Desire for Children: Missy Elliott has expressed a desire to adopt children, citing a fear of the pain associated with childbirth.
  5. Career and Collaborations: She has mentored and collaborated with Sharaya J, who considers Missy her “music mother.”
  6. Denial of Rumors: Missy Elliott and several celebrities, including Keri Hilson and Eva Marcille, have publicly denied relationship rumors.


Missy Elliott, a pioneering figure in hip-hop, is not only known for her hit singles like “Sock It 2 Me” and “Work It” but also for her elusive personal life. Despite being a major figure in the music industry for decades, details about her relationships remain scarce. Rumors circulated in 2013 about her marrying her protégé, Sharaya J, but these were never substantiated. Throughout her career, Missy has been linked to various celebrities, including Olivia Longott and Lil’ Kim, yet she has consistently maintained a private stance on her romantic life. She has also shared her wish to adopt children, highlighting her fear of childbirth. Missy Elliott continues to be a private individual, focusing on her music and mentorship.


Who is Missy Elliott’s husband?

Missy Elliott does not have a confirmed husband. There were rumors of her marrying Sharaya J in 2013, but these have never been confirmed.

Has Missy Elliott ever been married? There are no confirmed reports of Missy Elliott ever being married. Rumors about her marriage to Sharaya J have not been substantiated.

Who has Missy Elliott dated?

Missy Elliott has been linked to several celebrities, including Olivia Longott, Lil’ Kim, Trina, and others. However, she has kept most of her relationships private.

Does Missy Elliott have children? Missy Elliott does not have any children. She has expressed a desire to adopt due to her fear of childbirth pain.

What has Missy Elliott said about wanting kids?

In a 2008 interview, Missy Elliott mentioned she “definitely” wants to be a mother but prefers adoption over natural childbirth due to her fear of the pain involved.

Is Missy Elliott gay?

Missy Elliott has never publicly confirmed her sexuality. She has been linked to both male and female celebrities, but she keeps her personal life very private.

Who is Sharaya J?

Sharaya J is a rapper, choreographer, and creative director who became Missy Elliott’s protégé. She has worked closely with Missy and considers her a mentor.

Has Missy Elliott ever confirmed any of her relationships?

Missy Elliott has not publicly confirmed any of her rumored relationships. She maintains a high level of privacy regarding her personal life.

What are some of Missy Elliott’s notable achievements?

Missy Elliott is known for hit singles like “Sock It 2 Me,” “Work It,” and “Get Ur Freak On.” She has also been a significant influence and mentor in the hip-hop industry.

How does Missy Elliott handle rumors about her personal life?

Missy Elliott typically does not address rumors about her personal life. She focuses on her career and keeps her private life out of the public eye.

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