madison marsh
madison marsh

“Meet Madison Marsh: Miss America 2024 and Air Force Officer And More” 

March 12, 2024
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Who is madison marsh?

Madison Marsh is the name who was crowned as “Miss America 2024” on January 14, 2024. Along with being an Air Force officer and Harvard graduate, she serves as an inspiration to young women throughout the nation. After competing against 50 other women from all states and territories, she was named Miss America 2024 on January 14, 2024, at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. She is the United States Air Force Academy’s second Miss America, after Heather French Henry in 2000, and the first Colorado Miss America since 1957.


Madison Isabella Marsh, born on August 2, 2001, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is not only an American beauty pageant titleholder but also a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Standing tall at 174cm, Madison has left an indelible mark in both the military and the world of beauty pageants, making history as the first member of the United States Armed Forces to be crowned Miss America in 2024.


Hailing from Fort Smith, Arkansas, Madison’s journey began with her parents, Mike and Whitney Marsh. Tragically, her mother lost the battle to pancreatic cancer when Madison was only 17, becoming the catalyst for her activism in pancreatic cancer awareness and prevention. In 2019, Madison established the Whitney Marsh Foundation, dedicated to raising funds for cancer research in her mother’s memory.

Completing her high school education at Southside High School in 2019, Madison’s early passion for aviation saw her participating in space camps and flying lessons, achieving her pilot’s license at just 16. Her academic pursuits led her to the United States Air Force Academy, where she graduated in 2023 with a degree in astrophysics. Post-graduation, Madison earned the rank of second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Furthering her academic endeavors, she enrolled in the Harvard Kennedy School to pursue a Master of Public Policy.


CountryUnited States
Alumni ofUnited States Air Force Academy
Height174 CM
Knows languagesEnglish
OccupationsModel, Second Lieutenant
Known forMiss America 2024
Also known asMadison Isabella Marsh
Alma materUnited States Air Force Academy


Madison’s journey into pageantry commenced with her victory as Miss Academy 2023, a notable achievement for women at the United States Air Force Academy. Subsequently, she clinched the Miss Colorado 2023 title, marking her third attempt. Madison’s win as Miss Colorado made history, establishing her as the first active-duty military officer to compete in the Miss America pageant.

The zenith of her pageant career arrived at the Miss America 2024 pageant in Orlando, Florida. Madison’s exceptional performance secured her a place in the Top 11 and ultimately led to her being crowned Miss America 2024. This triumph not only marked her as the fourth woman representing Colorado to win the title but also a groundbreaking moment as the first member of the United States Armed Forces to achieve this distinction.


Advocacy and Impact

Madison Marsh’s advocacy extends beyond the pageant stage, reflecting her commitment to pancreatic cancer awareness forged through personal loss. As Miss America 2024, she continues to inspire and advocate for causes close to her heart.

Madison’s journey exemplifies leadership, resilience, and a dedication to service in both military service and the world of beauty pageants. Her narrative stands as a source of inspiration, highlighting the potential to drive change and make a positive impact in various aspects of life.

Madison Marsh Height, Weight

Her height is 5 feet 8, and she weighs roughly 61 kilograms. She has grey-blue eyes and blonde hair. Her body dimensions are 36-25.5-36, and her shoe size is 8 (US). Looking at her physical characteristics, she has a lovely grin and a captivating demeanor.

Madison Marsh Boyfriend, Husband

Madison is presently in a relationship with a fellow Air Force officer named Walker Morris. She met him at the academy, and they’ve been dating for more than two years. They support each other’s jobs and goals, and they love spending time together whenever possible.

Madison Marsh Personal Life

Madison Marsh, the Air Force pilot and Miss America, has not disclosed extensive details about her personal life, whether she has a boyfriend or not, it is even not yet confirmed, if we know anything about her we will update the details.

She completed her graduation in 2019 from Southside High School, as a child, she loves to take part in space camps and flying lessons, so when she grew up, she took admission to United States Air Force Academy in El Paso County, Colorado, where she awarded with a degree in astrophysics in 2023, a few days after being titled for Miss Colorado.

Madison Marsh Net Worth

As of 2024 еstimation suggests that she possesses a net worth of approximately $5 million. The primary source of this wealth stems from her work at Vogue magazine along with various endorsement deals, sponsorships, and public appearances. Madison also displays genеrosity by allocating a portion of her earnings towards supporting charitable organizations close to her heart which include UNICEF, Planned Parenthood, and The Trevor Project.

Social Media

Madison has a huge following across various social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. In total, her followers exceed 10 million in number. Through these channels, she regularly shares updates regarding both her personal and professional endeavors.

Moreover, Madison utilizes her influential platform to advocate for important causes such as women’s empowerment, mental health awareness, and environmental sustainability. Additionally, she collaborates with renowned brands like Sephora and Nike as well as influential individuals including Selena Gomez.


  1. Madison Marsh stands at a height of 174 centimeters (5 feet 8 inches).
  2. Her height has been a notable physical characteristic, adding to her presence both in the military and in beauty pageants.
  3. Madison’s height has been an advantage in her pageantry career, contributing to her confidence and poise on stage.
  4. She is often praised for her tall stature, which complements her overall appearance and elegance.


Madison Marsh’s height is 174 centimeters (5 feet 8 inches), making her a commanding presence in both the military and the world of beauty pageants. This physical characteristic has contributed to her success on stage and in her career, adding to her confidence and poise. Madison’s height has been a notable feature that complements her overall appearance and adds to her allure.


Q: How tall is Madison Marsh?

A: Madison Marsh is 174 centimeters (5 feet 8 inches) tall.

Q: Has Madison’s height influenced her career in any way?

A: Yes, Madison’s height has been an advantage in her pageantry career, contributing to her confidence and presence on stage.

Q: Is Madison’s height a significant aspect of her overall appearance?

A: Yes, Madison’s height is often praised for complementing her overall elegance and adding to her commanding presence.

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