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Lost Ark: How To Farm More Harmony Shards

May 22, 2024
2 mins read

Let’s face it, you’re not going to fare too well in Lost Ark if you don’t level up. For that, you’re going to want to upgrade your gear, which in turn gets your player to the higher tiers. But surely there’s a way to get this done that doesn’t require you to buy Lost Ark Gold. That’s where Lost Ark Harmony Shards come in.  

Before you start searching for Lost Ark game currency for sale, let’s take a look at some of the top ways you can farm those Lost Ark Harmony Shards you crave. 

Clear the Tower 

Are you up for surviving against a horde of monsters and earning some handsome rewards in the process? If so, the tower is the perfect place for you to be. You’ll need to make your way through 50 increasingly challenging floors. While the first playthrough will earn you goodies like engraving books and skill potions, the subsequent runs will get you the much-coveted Lost Ark Harmony Shards.

Before you’re able to scale the formidable tower, you’re going to have to reach level 50 and also have completed the ‘Public Announcement Tower’ quest. Then it’s the simple case of heading on over to the tower symbol on your trusty old map.

Chaos Dungeons 

The idea of this endgame activity is simple: kill monsters and get rewards. Unlike the tower, here you can team up with up to four people to take down monsters. The catch is that you need to do so within the time limit. If you’re successful, you’ll get a variety of rewards, including XP cards, ability stones, and Lost Ark Harmony Shards. Hold onto your horses if you don’t directly get the Harmony Shards Lost Ark; you can easily trade your Perception Shards to get them!

In order to unlock Chaos Dungeons, you’ll need to reach at least level 50 and also complete the quest ‘Ealyn’s Request’. Next, look for a Chaos Dungeon statue, check if you meet the level requirement, and get killed! 

Complete Island Quests 

This is one that most of you are probably already aware of, but it’s so simple yet rewarding that we absolutely have to talk about it. Some notable island quests that give you tons of rewards will become available once you hit level 50, and you have to make it your mission to target them. These include quests on Starlight Isle, Panda Island, White Wave Island, and Shadow Island, to name a few. Head on over and start gathering those Lost Ark Harmony Shards! 

Earn Bloodstones through Guilds and trade them 

You can trade in your hard-earned bloodstones for Harmony Shards Lost Ark at the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange, which can be found in every large city. But how exactly do you earn those bloodstones? There are a number of ways: 

  • Donate 6,000 silver once a day to the guild.
  • Invest in the daily guild research.
  • Complete the guild quests assigned by your guild leader. So it’s important that you join a guild whose leader gives you favorable quests.

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