Jonathan Roumie Wife: Is He Married? A Closer Look at His Private Life and Marital Status

Jonathan Roumie Wife: Is He Married? A Closer Look at His Private Life and Marital Status

May 4, 2024
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Jonathan Roumie, the gifted actor whose portrayal of Jesus Christ in The Chosen has left a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. With his authentic performance, Roumie not only earned critical acclaim but also won the hearts of viewers, leading to a well-deserved Movieguide Award in 2020. His ability to embody the essence of such an iconic figure speaks volumes about his talent and dedication to his craft. Would you like to learn more about Jonathan Roumie wife? By digging into the article, you can discover everything there is to know about her.

Beyond the screen, Roumie’s life is marked by a deep-rooted faith and a commitment to his beliefs. As a Holy Communion minister within the Catholic Church, he not only practices humility and charity but also actively advocates for causes he believes in, notably standing against abortion. Engaging with his community, Roumie participates in events like the March For Life and holds membership in Catholics in Media Associates, using his influence to make a positive impact.

Delving into his personal life reveals a multifaceted individual with a passion for both his profession and his faith. Whether he’s leading Instagram live devotions or sharing insights into his spiritual journey, Roumie’s authenticity shines through, inspiring others to connect with their own beliefs. With a blend of talent, conviction, and compassion, Jonathan Roumie continues to captivate audiences, both on and off the screen, leaving a legacy that transcends mere entertainment.

Who Is Jonathan Roumie?

Who Is Jonathan Roumie?

Jonathan Roumie is an actor best known for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the television series “The Chosen.” His performance in this role has garnered him widespread acclaim and has contributed significantly to his rise in popularity. As of 2024, Roumie’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions, thanks to his successful acting career and various other ventures.

Roumie’s journey to success began with appearances in television shows like “The Good Wife,” “As the World Turns,” and “Castle.” He also ventured into voice acting, lending his voice to characters in video games and animated series. Additionally, Roumie has been involved in various multimedia projects related to his portrayal of Christ, further expanding his reach and influence.

One of the key factors contributing to Roumie’s wealth is his role as a co-producer, co-director, and lead actor in “The Last Days: The Passion and Death of Jesus,” a live performance about the passion of Christ. His involvement in this project, along with his other acting endeavors, has solidified his status as a talented and versatile actor.

Overall, Jonathan Roumie’s net worth is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and talent as an actor. His portrayal of Jesus Christ in “The Chosen” has not only catapulted him to fame but has also secured his place as one of the most respected actors in the industry.

Jonathan Roumie Wife

Despite rumors swirling around, the actor behind The Jesus Revolution star is currently not hitched and doesn’t have any little ones running around. The gossip mill kicked into high gear when a wedding registry popped up on Hollywood Mask, linking him to someone named Hannah Vanorman, suggesting they said “I do” back in June 2020.

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But wait, there’s more! Various other online sources have thrown out names like Diane, Sarah, and Maria, claiming connections to Roumie. However, none of these women have any real ties to the actor.

In a candid moment during a Facebook live session in 2022, Jonathan himself set the record straight. He laughed off the wild stories, particularly one about being married to a mysterious Diane from Canada, admitting he had no clue who she was. The truth is, he’s not married to anyone and doesn’t have any bundles of joy to call his own—at least not yet.

While the question of whether Jonathan will settle down and start a family remains unanswered for now, one thing’s for sure: he’s pouring all his energy into his career and nurturing his spiritual side. Who knows what the future holds for this talented actor? Only time will tell.

How Did Jonathan Roumie And Hannah Vanorman Meet?

How Did Jonathan Roumie And Hannah Vanorman Meet?

Jonathan Roumie and Hannah Vanorman’s love story is a tale of serendipity and shared passions. It all started when they crossed paths by chance at an event, drawn together by a mutual interest in life. As they began to spend more time together, they discovered a deep connection that grew stronger with each passing day.

Their relationship blossomed organically as they found solace and support in each other during life’s ups and downs. One of the pillars of their bond is their shared love for travel and adventure, which not only brought them closer but also solidified their commitment to each other.

Their journey from acquaintances to partners culminated in a beautiful union in June 2020, marking the beginning of a lifetime of adventures together. For Jonathan and Hannah, their shared interests not only ignited their romance but also laid the foundation for a strong and enduring relationship.

Does Jonathan Roumie And Hannah Have Any Kids?

Jonathan Roumie and his wife, Hannah, are relishing their time together without the pitter-patter of little feet just yet. As they continue to nurture their relationship and deepen their connection, they’re savoring each moment as a couple. When the topic of children arises, they express a desire to expand their family but emphasize the importance of timing.

Their shared journey is a testament to their commitment to each other, and they’re both excited about the possibility of parenthood in the future. For now, they’re content to focus on building a strong foundation for their family-to-be while cherishing the love and companionship they share. With each passing day, Jonathan and Hannah’s bond grows stronger, laying the groundwork for a beautiful future together, whether it includes children or not.

How Long Have Jonathan Roumie And Hannah Vanorman Been Together?

How Long Have Jonathan Roumie And Hannah Vanorman Been Together?

Jonathan Roumie and Hannah Vanorman have been on quite the journey together. Their love story began long before they walked down the aisle in June 2020, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Before that magical day, they were already deeply committed to each other, sharing countless moments of joy, laughter, and support.

Their bond grew stronger with each passing day as they navigated life’s challenges and celebrated its triumphs together. From spontaneous adventures to quiet nights at home, Jonathan and Hannah found comfort and joy in each other’s presence. Their relationship is built on a solid foundation of love, respect, and mutual understanding.

Now, as they embark on this new chapter as husband and wife, Jonathan and Hannah look forward to a lifetime of shared experiences, adventures, and growth. Their journey together is a testament to the power of love and the beauty of finding your soulmate.

Jonathan Roumie, born on July 1, 1974, in New York, USA, has a fascinating background. He grew up in the suburbs, and his parents come from different places – his mom from Ireland and his dad from Egypt.

Profile Summary Of Jonathan Roumie

Full/Real name Jonathan Roumie
Nick/Popular nameJonathan
Birth date July 1, 1974
BirthplaceNew York City, New York, USA
Current ResidenceClinton Township, Michigan, United States
Age (As of 2024)49 years old
Zodiac SignVirgo
Ethnicity Middle Eastern and European
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherGeorge Roumie
MotherRosemary “Rosie” Roumie
SiblingsUpdate soon
Marital statusUnmarried
SpouseHannah Vanorman (Rumors)
Famous ForPortrayal of Jesus in “The Chosen” TV series
SchoolSt. Claire Shores
CollegeMadonna University
EducationSchool of Visual Arts NYC (BFA)
ProfessionActor, Voice Artist
Net WorthBetween $1 million and $1.5 million

Jonathan Roumie Early Life & Family Background

Jonathan Roumie Early Life & Family Background
Google has well-coverd about Jonathan Roumie.

Jonathan Roumie’s journey is as eclectic as it is intriguing, shaped by a rich tapestry of experiences and influences. Born on July 1, 1974, in New York, USA, he hails from a multicultural background that mirrors the diversity of his hometown. Growing up in the suburbs, Jonathan was exposed to a blend of cultures from an early age, with his mother tracing her roots back to Ireland and his father originating from Egypt.

Despite his diverse heritage, Jonathan’s upbringing was grounded in a strong Catholic faith. Initially affiliated with the Greek Orthodox Church, his family’s move to suburban New York prompted a transition to Roman Catholicism, highlighting the depth of their religious convictions. This early exposure to faith would later play a significant role in shaping Jonathan’s personal and professional endeavors.

Jonathan’s academic pursuits led him to the School of Visual Arts, where he honed his skills and passion for filmmaking. But before he embarked on his acting journey, he found himself immersed in another form of creative expression – music. Jonathan’s early years saw him pounding the drums as a member of a rock band, sharing his love for music with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

Eventually, Jonathan’s path led him to the bustling city of Los Angeles, where he pursued his dreams in the world of film and television with unwavering determination and passion. His journey from the suburbs of New York to the heart of Hollywood is a testament to his resilience, creativity, and unyielding pursuit of excellence.

Jonathan Roumie Height, Weight, And Other Features

Height6’0″ (183 cm)
Weight70 kg (154 lbs)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Face ShapeOval
Skin ToneFair
Shoe Size16.5 (US)

Jonathan Roumie stands at 6 feet tall with a weight of 70 kilograms. He has brown eyes, black hair, an oval face shape, and a fair skin tone. Additionally, he wears a shoe size of 16.5 in the US. These physical attributes contribute to his appearance and presence on screen, adding to his versatility as an actor.

Jonathan Roumie’s Parents & Siblings

Jonathan Roumie, known for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the TV series The Chosen, comes from a background rich in cultural diversity.

George Roumie (Father)

George Roumie (Father)

His father, George Roumie, hails from a mixed heritage of Egyptian and Syrian roots and follows the Greek Orthodox faith. Initially, the Roumie family practiced the Greek Orthodox faith, and Jonathan was baptized in this tradition during his early years. However, they later transitioned to Roman Catholicism, a change that shaped Jonathan’s upbringing in a devout Christian household.

Rosemary “Rosie” Roumie (Mother)

Jonathan’s mother, Rosemary “Rosie” Roumie, adds to this cultural tapestry with her Irish descent and Catholic upbringing. Alongside George, Rosie played a pivotal role in instilling Christian values in Jonathan. Despite their different cultural and religious backgrounds, George and Rosie united in raising Jonathan with a strong spiritual foundation. Jonathan’s upbringing reflects a blend of traditions, emphasizing the importance of faith and family values in his life.

Jonathan Roumie Career

Jonathan Roumie Career

Jonathan Roumie has had a diverse career, appearing in TV shows like The Good Wife and Castle. His portrayal of Christ began with the multimedia project Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy. He continued with roles in ‘Once We Were Slaves/The Two Thieves’ and co-produced, co-directed, and starred in The Last Days: The Passion and Death of Jesus.

In the 2023 film Jesus Revolution, Roumie took on the role of Lonnie Frisbee, a charismatic hippie evangelist. His voice-over work includes popular video games like Evolve, Mafia II & III, and The Darkness II, as well as characters in the MTV series Celebrity Deathmatch.

Roumie’s career started behind the scenes, working as a production assistant and location scout for films like Spider-Man, National Treasure, and I Am Legend. He even ventured into music, releasing his first original song, “Outta Time,” in Europe as part of the album Unbreakable, which he also co-produced.

Outside of his acting career, Roumie participated in an entertainment fellowship for Christian entertainment professionals and serves as a narrator for the Catholic prayer app Hallow. His appearance in a commercial for Hallow during the 2024 Super Bowl led to a significant increase in app downloads.

Roumie’s most notable role is portraying Jesus Christ in “The Chosen.” Before this role in 2017, he faced challenges and described a period of surrendering to God. Despite the difficulties of portraying such an iconic figure, Roumie feels humbled and acknowledges the positive impact the role has had on his life.

His portrayal of Jesus in The Chosen has earned him worldwide recognition, with features in publications like TV Guide, the National Catholic Register, America Magazine, The Atlantic, and The New Yorker. Various network television shows, including The View, Fox News, and EWTN, have interviewed him, as well as religious-based news and information outlets.

Filmography (Television)

2000–2002Celebrity DeathmatchVariousVoice only
2006Oh! Be Joyful!Jim JamesTelevision film, also executive producer and writer
2007As the World TurnsJim Fellows[39]6 episodes
2008Law & OrderRichie CitroneEpisode: “Excalibur”
In the NowJonathan5 episodes
2009–2010Wonder Pets!Loch Ness Daddy, Critic #22 episodes, Uncredited as Critic #2
20103rd & BirdFrench CrabEpisode: “Ahoy!”
RoomiesSam’s Date, Answering MachineTelevision film
2011All My ChildrenGuy #1
2012ParenthoodCop[39]Episode: “Everything Is Not Okay”
2013Joe, Joe & JaneWaiterTelevision film
2014CastleSerge Belmonde[40]Episode: “Dressed to Kill”
Hart of DixieJeffrey[39]Episode: “Carrying Your Love with Me”
NCISOfficer Gerard[39]Episode: “The Admiral’s Daughter”
Preying for MercyDominic CapistranoTelevision film
The NewsroomBartender[39]Episode: “What Kind of Day Has It Been”
2015Dog with a BlogDr. MonforeEpisode: “Stan Has Puppies”
Ridin’ with BurgessRaddigan, Theater GuyTelevision short
NCIS: Los AngelesPerry Gaffney[40]Episode: “Defectors”
2016The Good WifeMonte Ecklund[40]Episode: “Shoot”
2017The Mindy ProjectDr. Montpellier[39]Episode: “Danny in Real Life”
2019BallersSplyce Owner[39]Episode: “Players Only”
2020Chicago MedChristian Edwards[42]Episode: “A Needle in the Heart”
2019–presentThe ChosenJesus[43][44]Main cast (32 episodes)

Jonathan Roumie has had a diverse television career, starting with voice work on “Celebrity Deathmatch” from 2000 to 2002. He has appeared in various series, including “As the World Turns,” “Law & Order,” “The Mindy Project,” and “Chicago Med.” His most notable role is as Jesus in the TV series “The Chosen,” which has earned him significant recognition and acclaim. Roumie’s work demonstrates his versatility as an actor, showcasing his talent across dramatic and comedic roles.

Jonathan Roumie Films

Jonathan Roumie Films
2001Be My BrotherUndercover CopShort
2005PrimeBakery Counterman[40]
2007West 32ndLloyd[45]
Then She Found MePartygoerUncredited
2008Revolutionary RoadParty Guest[46]
2012K-11Rookie Stewart[40]
2013Saving LincolnJohn Wilkes Booth[45]
A Day In The CountryHal[47]Short; Canon Imagin8tion Contest Winner
Half-Life: Raise the BarGordon FreemanShort
LunarControlShort; Voice only
Another ManJoshShort
2014Once We Were SlavesJesus[5]Short; Renamed The Two Thieves
Cinderella PoseJesseShort
You & I, My DearKen[48]Short
2015NostradamusRadio VoiceShort
The Funeral GuestLuke
Let It BleedThe Sadist[43]
Dead BulletViktor[40]
2017Life HackGreg Scheckler
2018Last KissNarratorShort
2020Reality Queen!TV Assistant
2021WashingtoniaVoice only
2022Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises AgainMerenkhare[49]Voice only
2023Jesus RevolutionLonnie Frisbee

Jonathan Roumie has a diverse filmography, having appeared in various short films, feature films, and voice roles. Some of his notable roles include portraying John Wilkes Booth in “Saving Lincoln,” Jesus in “Once We Were Slaves,” and Merenkhare in “Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again.” Roumie’s ability to portray a range of characters across different genres highlights his versatility as an actor.

Jonathan Roumie Video games

2003Batman: Dark TomorrowTim Drake / Robin, Robber #1, Guard, False-facer
2010Mafia IIItalian Civilian, Gangster, Greaser
2012The Darkness IIEnzo, Additional Voices
2013The Bureau: XCOM DeclassifiedAsaru, Dr. Murphy, Pete Weaver
Lost Planet 3Renard Laroche
2015EvolveAdditional Voices
Fallout 4Jack Cabot, Doc Weathers, Honest Dan
2016XCOM 2Soldier, Additional Voices
Mafia IIIAdditional Voices
2017Agents of MayhemPride Trooper
2018God of WarAdditional Voices
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Various Voices
2019Days GoneRussell
Death StrandingMules
2020Ghost of TsushimaAdditional Characters
2022Saints RowCharacter Voices, Saints Characters
2025Death Stranding 2: On the BeachPuppet

Jonathan Roumie has lent his voice to a variety of video game characters over the years, showcasing his versatility as a voice actor. He has portrayed roles ranging from Tim Drake / Robin in “Batman: Dark Tomorrow” to various characters in games like “Mafia II,” “Fallout 4,” and “God of War.” Roumie’s ability to bring these characters to life through his voice work adds depth and immersion to the gaming experience, contributing to the overall narrative and atmosphere of these games.

Jonathan Roumie Theatre

Jonathan Roumie Theatre
2012Anaconda (*Best of Hollywood Fringe – 2012)Phil Becker
2013TrainspottingSick Boy

Jonathan Roumie has also made notable appearances in theatre productions. In 2012, he portrayed Phil Becker in “Anaconda,” a performance that earned the production the Best of Hollywood Fringe award that year. In 2013, Roumie took on the role of Sick Boy in “Trainspotting,” showcasing his versatility and talent on the stage. His contributions to these productions highlight his skill as a theatre actor, adding depth and authenticity to the characters he portrays.

Jonathan Roumie Personal Life

Jonathan Roumie Personal Life

Jonathan Roumie’s heritage is a beautiful tapestry of diverse cultures and faiths. His father, George Roumie, comes from a background that blends Egyptian and Syrian roots, with a deep connection to the Greek Orthodox faith. Initially, Jonathan was baptized in the Greek Orthodox tradition, reflecting his family’s early religious practices. However, as time passed, the family transitioned to Roman Catholicism, a change that significantly influenced Jonathan’s formative years in a household deeply rooted in Christian beliefs.

On the other hand, Jonathan’s mother, Rosemary “Rosie” Roumie, brings her Irish heritage and Catholic upbringing to the family dynamic. Together, George and Rosie played pivotal roles in instilling strong Christian values in Jonathan. Despite the differing cultural and religious backgrounds, the Roumie family found unity in their commitment to raising Jonathan with a deep spiritual foundation. This upbringing shaped Jonathan’s perspective, emphasizing the importance of faith and family values in his life.

Is Jonathan Roumie Married?

Rumors swirling around Jonathan Roumie’s supposed marriage to Hannah Vanorman in June 2020 have left fans puzzled about his marital status. However, Roumie has set the record straight, taking to social media to deny these claims. He made it clear that he is not married to Hannah Vanorman, effectively dispelling the misinformation.

Roumie is keen on ensuring that the truth about his personal life is known. By addressing these rumors directly, he’s showing his commitment to transparency with his fans. Despite the confusion, Roumie’s straightforwardness about his marital status reflects his dedication to honesty and integrity in the face of speculation.

Jonathan Roumie Awards

Jonathan Roumie Awards
YearAssociationCategoryNominated WorkResultRef.
2020Movieguide AwardsGrace Prize for Most Inspiring Performance for TVThe Chosen, Episode 1.8 – “I am He”Won[36]
2022Movieguide AwardsGrace Prize for Most Inspiring Performance for TVThe Chosen, Episode 2.8 – “Beyond Mountains”Nominated[37]
2023Movieguide AwardsGrace Prize for Most Inspiring Performance for TVThe Chosen, Episode 3.3 – “Physician, Heal Yourself”Nominated

Jonathan Roumie has received recognition for his portrayal in the TV series “The Chosen” through the Movieguide Awards. In 2020, he won the Grace Prize for Most Inspiring Performance for TV for his role in Episode 1.8 – “I am He.” His performance continued to impress, earning him a nomination in 2022 for Episode 2.8 – “Beyond Mountains.” The trend of recognition continued into 2023 with another nomination for Episode 3.3 – “Physician, Heal Yourself.” These nominations and wins highlight Roumie’s ability to deliver inspiring performances that resonate with audiences.

Jonathan Roumie’s Net Worth

Jonathan Roumie’s Net Worth

Jonathan Roumie’s estimated net worth falls between $1 million and $1.5 million, primarily stemming from his work in acting and voice dubbing. His portrayal of Jesus Christ in “The Chosen” has not only brought him critical acclaim but has also contributed significantly to his financial success.

Roumie’s career extends beyond his role in “The Chosen.” He has appeared in various television shows and movies, showcasing his talent and versatility as an actor. Additionally, his work in voice dubbing for video games and animated series has further bolstered his income.

Despite his success, Roumie remains humble and continues to focus on his craft. His dedication to his work and his ability to bring characters to life has made him a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Jonathan Roumie Social Media Accounts

Jonathan Roumie Social Media Accounts
Instagram1.5 millionClick Here
Facebook236kClick Here
Twitter51.6kClick Here
TikTok12.2kClick Here

Jonathan Roumie, a native of New York City, is active on various social media platforms. As of April 3, 2024, he has amassed a significant following, with 1.5 million followers on Instagram, 236k followers on Facebook, 51.6k followers on Twitter, and 12.2k followers on TikTok. His engaging content and presence on these platforms have contributed to his growing popularity and influence.

Amazing Facts About Jonathan Roumie Wife

  1. Jonathan Roumie keeps his personal life private, especially details about his romantic relationships.
  2. He intentionally doesn’t share much about whether he has a wife, leading to speculation.
  3. This mystery adds an interesting aspect to how people see him, making fans try to figure out bits of his personal story from what little information he shares.
  4. Roumie values keeping some things about his life to himself, which is uncommon in the world of celebrities.
  5. His decision to keep his personal life private has led to significant curiosity from fans and the public about his marital status.
  6. Despite being a public figure, Roumie manages to maintain a level of privacy and mystery surrounding his personal life.
  7. There is no confirmation about whether Jonathan Roumie is married or has a wife.
  8. Roumie’s intentional choice to keep his romantic life out of the public eye sets him apart from many celebrities who often share such details openly.
  9. Jonathan Roumie’s private nature regarding his marital status has sparked various speculations and rumors among fans.
  10. Roumie’s dedication to keeping his personal life private has garnered respect from fans and admirers who appreciate his focus on his work rather than his relationships.

Final Thoughts

Jonathan Roumie keeps his personal life private, especially details about his romantic relationships. Even though he’s well-known, Roumie intentionally doesn’t share much about whether he has a wife, leading to speculation. This mystery adds an interesting aspect to how people see him, making fans try to figure out bits of his personal story from what little information he shares. It shows that he values keeping some things about his life to himself, which is quite uncommon in the world of celebrities.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. Does Jonathan Roumie believe in God?

Jonathan Roumie has expressed that his time on The Chosen has deepened his faith and changed his relationship with God. He has shared that it inspires him to strive to be a better version of himself and the best human being possible.

2. What religion are The Chosen casts?

The religious backgrounds of The Chosen cast members vary. Shahar Isaac, who plays Simon, is Jewish. Elizabeth Tabish, who portrays Mary Magdalene, grew up Catholic but later abandoned the faith, though her current beliefs are not confirmed. Paras Patel, who plays Matthew, grew up Hindu but may now identify as Christian. Erick Avari, who portrays Nicodemus, follows Zoroastrianism, an ancient Persian religion.

3. Was Jonathan Roumie in the Mindy Project?

Yes, Jonathan Roumie appeared in The Mindy Project TV series, where he portrayed the character Dr. Montpellier.

4. Does Jonathan Roumie have an accent?

In portraying Jesus in The Chosen, Jonathan Roumie created an accent that he felt was at least regionally appropriate. He drew inspiration from his upbringing, which included a father from Egypt, Arab family members, and an aunt from Palestine, to craft an accent that felt authentic to the character.

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