Jonathan Owens Net Worth 2024: All About His Bio, Age, Height, Career And Building Wealth Through Football
Jonathan Owens Net Worth 2024: All About His Bio, Age, Height, Career And Building Wealth Through Football

Jonathan Owens Net Worth 2024: All About His Bio, Age, Height, Career And Building Wealth Through Football

May 17, 2024
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Jonathan Owens Net Worth
$7 Million

Jonathan Owens Net Worth

Jonathan Owens’ rise in the NFL is a story of sheer determination and hard work. Starting as an undrafted free agent, he has proven himself on the field as a safety for the Houston Texans, earning respect and recognition for his skills. Despite the challenges he faced early in his career, Jonathan’s perseverance has paid off, and he is now considered a valuable asset in professional football.

Off the field, Jonathan has also made strides in his personal endeavors, contributing to a net worth of $7 million as of 2024, according to CAknowledge. This not only reflects his financial success but also underscores his growing influence in the sports industry. Jonathan’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, showing that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

Jonathan Owens’ journey to NFL success is a testament to his resilience and passion for the game. From humble beginnings as an undrafted player, he has worked his way up to becoming a key player for the Houston Texans. Jonathan’s story is a reminder that with perseverance and determination, one can achieve their goals and overcome any obstacle.

What Is Jonathan Owens Net Worth And Salary?

NameJonathan Owens
Monthly Income$90,000 +
Yearly Income$1 Million +
Current teamGreen Bay Packers (#34 / Safety)
Net Worth$7 Million

Jonathan Owens’s net worth of $7 million in 2024, was earned through his career as an American football safety. He currently plays for the Green Bay Packers, wearing jersey number 34. Despite going undrafted in 2018, Owens has proven himself as a valuable player, earning a monthly income of $90,000 or more, resulting in an annual income exceeding $1 million. These figures highlight his success and standing in the NFL as of 2024.

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As a strong safety for the Green Bay Packers, he has shown resilience and skill on the field, earning recognition from fans and media alike. Before joining the Packers, Owens played for the Arizona Cardinals and the Houston Texans, showcasing his versatility and adaptability as a player.

Jonathan Owens’ life took a significant turn when he married Olympic gymnast Simone Biles in April 2023, which brought him additional spotlight, including being named one of the 21 “Sexiest Men in Sports” by “People” magazine in November 2023. His journey from playing for multiple NFL teams to finding love with Biles highlights his resilience and determination. Owens, with a net worth of $2 million, serves as an inspiration for hard work and perseverance, achieving success both on and off the field.

How Much Has Jonathan Owens Earned In The NFL?

How Much Has Jonathan Owens Earned In The NFL?

Jonathan Owens has earned $3,246,072 during his six-year NFL career, according to Spotrac. His earnings include $375,000 from his time with the Arizona Cardinals, $1,861,072 from the Houston Texans, and $1,010,000 from the Green Bay Packers. Despite going undrafted in the 2017 NFL Draft, Owens has shown resilience and determination, carving out a successful career in the league.

Owens’ journey to the NFL began after a successful college career at Missouri Western State University, where he earned accolades such as second-team all-Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association honors and MWSU Male Student-Athlete of the Year. His undrafted status highlights the competitiveness of the NFL and the challenges faced by players from lesser-known collegiate conferences.

Currently with the Green Bay Packers, Owens will be looking to secure a long-term extension at the end of the 2023 NFL season, as he is set to become an unrestricted free agent in 2024. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring football players, showcasing the rewards of perseverance and hard work in pursuit of a dream.

Jonathan Owens Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (in millions)
2019$2 Million
2020$3 Million
2021$4 Million
2022$5 Million
2023$6 Million
2024$7 Million

Over the years, there has been a noticeable increase in Pat Sajak’s net worth. In 2019, his net worth was reported to be $2 million, which grew to $3 million in 2020. The following year, in 2021, it rose to $4 million, and by 2022, it reached $5 million. This upward trend continued, with his net worth hitting $6 million in 2023 and finally reaching $7 million in 2024. This growth can be attributed to various factors, including his long-standing role as the host of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and potentially other ventures or investments he has pursued over the years.

Profile Summary Of Jonathan Owens

Full/Real name Jonathan Owens
Nick/Popular nameJonathan Owens
Birth date July 22, 1995
BirthplaceSt. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Age (As of 2023)28 years old
Zodiac SignCancer
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital statusMarried
GirlfriendSimone Biles (engaged. 2022)
SpouseSimone Biles (m. 2023)
Famous ForAs an American american football safety
Height5’11”, 180cm
Weight95Kg, 210lbs
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack
SchoolChristian Brothers College
CollegeMissouri Western State University
ProfessionAmerican football safety

Jonathan Owens Early Life And Education

Jonathan Owens Early Life And Education
Google has welll-covered about Jonathan Owens.

Jonathan James Owens, born on July 22, 1995, in St. Louis, Missouri, began his football journey at Christian Brothers College High School (CBC), where he played under the guidance of coach Scott Pingel. His exceptional skills on the field led to him being named CBC Linebacker of the Year, showcasing his early talent and dedication to the sport. Jonathan’s high school years laid the foundation for his future success in football, setting him on a path to the NFL.

Jonathan’s passion for football continued to grow as he progressed through high school, honing his skills and demonstrating his leadership on the field. His time at Loyola Academy of St. Louis further shaped his athletic prowess, preparing him for the challenges of collegiate and professional football. Jonathan’s early years in St. Louis not only molded him into a formidable football player but also instilled in him the values of hard work, perseverance, and dedication that would guide him throughout his career.

Jonathan Owens College Career

Jonathan Owens College Career

Jonathan Owens began his college football career at Missouri Western State University (MWSU), where he was redshirted during the 2013 season. He played as a defensive back for the MWSU football team, showcasing his skills and dedication to the sport. During his time at MWSU, Jonathan’s commitment to both academics and athletics was evident, as he earned the title of MWSU Male Student-Athlete of the Year in 2017 and received second-team all-Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association honors.

Despite the demands of football, Jonathan excelled in his studies, earning a spot on the Academic Honor Roll every year. His major in pre-physical therapy reflected his aspiration to pursue a career in medicine. Jonathan’s college years not only shaped him as a football player but also instilled in him the values of hard work and academic excellence, laying the groundwork for his future success both on and off the field.

Jonathan Owens Professional Career

Jonathan Owens Professional Career

Jonathan Owens’ professional football career has been a journey of perseverance and dedication. After going undrafted in the 2018 NFL Draft, he signed with the Arizona Cardinals but unfortunately got waived before the season due to a knee injury, spending the entire year on injured reserve.

In August 2019, Owens joined the Houston Texans’ practice squad, showcasing his determination to continue pursuing his NFL dream. Despite being promoted to the active roster in November 2019, he was waived shortly after, only to be re-signed to the practice squad.

His resilience paid off in January 2020 when he signed a reserve/future contract with the Texans, demonstrating his commitment to the team. Despite experiencing another waiver in September 2020, Owens remained undeterred, signing with the practice squad and eventually earning a spot on the active roster for two games in October 2020.

In December 2020, the Texans rewarded Owens’ hard work by signing him to the active roster, highlighting his perseverance and skill. Despite experiencing waivers and subsequent re-signings to the practice squad in August 2021, he once again proved his worth and earned promotion back to the active roster in December of that year.

His dedication to the game and his team was further solidified when Owens signed a two-year, $1.175 million contract with the Texans, showcasing his value as a player. Unfortunately, a dislocated wrist placed him on injured reserve in January 2022, demonstrating the physical toll of the game.

Jonathan Owens Career Earnings And Salary

YearSalarySigning BonusEarnings

Jonathan Owens has had a lucrative career in the NFL, earning a total of $2,236,072 over five seasons. His earnings include a signing bonus of $22,000. Owens’ salary has varied over the years, starting at $363,000 in 2018 and peaking at $895,000 in 2022. Despite not receiving any signing bonuses in most years, Owens’ earnings have steadily increased, reflecting his growing success in the league. His total career earnings stand at $2,236,072, excluding any additional income from endorsements or other sources.

Jonathan Owens Personal Life

Jonathan Owens Personal Life

In 2020, Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles crossed paths on the dating app Raya, sparking a connection that would lead to a beautiful relationship. Their love story blossomed, and by February 2022, they were engaged. The couple decided to take the plunge and tied the knot at a courthouse in Houston, Texas, on April 22, 2023. They further celebrated their commitment to each other with a lavish ceremony in Cabo San Lucas on May 6th of the same year, surrounded by friends and family.

Despite their public profiles, Jonathan and Simone have faced scrutiny, particularly after Jonathan’s comments on “The Pivot Podcast” in December 2023. Jonathan candidly admitted that he didn’t recognize Simone when they first met, a moment of honesty that sparked both amusement and criticism. When asked if he considered himself the catch in their relationship, Jonathan responded with humor, saying, “I always say that the men are the catch.” However, this lighthearted remark ignited controversy on social media, with some questioning his attitude and respect towards Simone. Despite the backlash

Jonathan Owens Real Estate

In March 2023, Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles shared their plans to build a new waterfront home in Texas. Simone took to Instagram to announce the news, emphasizing that a home is built with love and dreams. The couple’s decision to build their new home reflects their commitment to each other and their future together. It’s a significant step for Owens and Biles as they embark on this new journey of building a home where they can create cherished memories and continue to grow together.

Jonathan Owens Assets (Home And Cars)

Jonathan Owens Assets (Home And Cars)

Jonathan Owens, known for his career in American football, calls Houston home and is the proud owner of several real estate properties spread across the United States. His property portfolio includes residences in Missouri, Arizona, and Houston, showcasing his diverse investments in real estate. Jonathan’s passion for travel is evident in his desire to own land, which he cherishes as a valuable asset and a testament to his financial acumen.

In addition to his real estate ventures, Jonathan has a keen interest in automobiles, boasting a collection that includes a Land Rover, Mercedes, Toyota, and Ford. While the specifics of all his cars are not widely known, these luxury vehicles reflect his taste for quality and his appreciation for fine automobiles. Jonathan’s lifestyle highlights his success and wealth, providing a glimpse into his diverse interests and investments beyond the football field.

Jonathan Owens Social Media Accounts

Jonathan Owens Social Media Accounts
InstagramAlmost 377KCheck Out

Jonathan Owens, an NFL player, has a significant following on Instagram, with almost 377,000 followers. However, he does not appear to have active accounts on Twitter or Facebook. Owens likely uses his Instagram account to connect with fans and share updates about his career and personal life. His social media presence allows fans to engage with him and stay updated on his activities off the field.

Final Words

Jonathan Owens has a net worth of approximately $7 million as of 2024. He primarily derives his wealth from his career as an American football safety, playing for the Green Bay Packers (#34). Despite going undrafted in 2018, Owens has established himself as a valuable player, earning a monthly income of $90,000 or more and an annual income exceeding $1 million. Jonathan Owens further demonstrates his financial success through his ownership of several real estate properties, including homes in Missouri, Arizona, and Houston.

Additionally, he possesses a notable collection of cars, including a Land Rover, Mercedes, Toyota, and Ford. Jonathan’s net worth reflects his achievements both on and off the football field, showcasing his diverse investments and interests.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. How much money does Jonathan Owens make?

Jonathan Owens’ earnings from his NFL contracts vary based on the team and the contract length:

  • 2020-2021 with the Houston Texans: $1,390,000 average annual salary
  • 2018-2020 with the Arizona Cardinals: $861,000 average annual salary
  • 2019-2019 with the Houston Texans: $570,000 average annual salary

2. How much did Jonathan earn from YouTube?

Jonathan Owens’ YouTube channel, which focuses on gaming, particularly Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has been a success. With over 2,000 videos and 1.9 billion views, Net Worth Spot estimates his net worth from YouTube earnings to be around $7.3 million.

3. How much money does Simone Biles’ husband make?

Jonathan Owens is set to earn $4.5 million (£3.52 million) from his new two-year deal with the Chicago Bears, surpassing his earnings from his entire NFL career up to that point, which totaled just over $3 million (£2.34 million) from his first five seasons, according to Spotrac data.

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