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janet condra

Who is Janet Condra? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Wife  And More

May 6, 2024
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Secondary school sentiments frequently convey a feeling of guiltlessness and plausibility. For Janet Condra, her sentiment with Larry Bird was no special case. They were youthful, aggressive, and profoundly enamored. Their bond just developed further as they set out on their school process together.

Janet Condra’s Early Life

Janet Condra was brought into the world in the 1960s in Indiana. Nonetheless, her accurate birth date is obscure. Also, no data is accessible about Condra’s folks right now.

She moved on from Springs Valley Secondary School, however she didn’t state whether she went to school.

Janet Condra and Larry Bird’s Relationship

Bird and Condra were classmates at Spring Valley Secondary School. As you might’ve speculated, their relationship began there as companions. Then, at that point, it developed into dating and, in the long run, marriage.

They secured the bunch in November 1975 and commended the occasion in a little function.

Sadly, their marriage was brief; in something like one year, they had a great deal of issues in the relationship. In the long run, the couple separated from in October 1976.

They had a little girl named Corrie, brought into the world in 1977.

The Hard Life of Janet Condra’s Daughter

In spite of many bombed compromise endeavors, the connection among Larry and Janet kept on breaking down after their separation.

Therefore, they arrived where they couldn’t impart any longer. This makes the youth of their girl Corrie a bad dream.

Corrie generally needed to meet her dad, yet the connection between her folks didn’t take into account this. Larry would not meet Corrie regardless of her demand.

What’s more, Corrie joined the ball group in secondary school to draw nearer to her dad and update him about her advancement. All things considered, Bird showed no reaction.

Condra even referenced this unfortunate dad girl relationship in the media!

In a meeting with Oprah Winfrey, Janet said she was unable to guard Corrie from her dad’s disobedience. This put a lot of squeeze on Janet as she didn’t have any idea what to do.

Startlingly, Larry Bird lamented his way of behaving toward his girl Corrie a couple of years after the fact. From that point forward, he has attempted to work on his relationship with her. He likewise vowed to continue to help her monetarily.

Janet Condra’s Daughter Got Married

Fortunately, Corrie’s grown-up life was clearly better compared to her experience growing up

In May 2008, Corrie Bird wedded Trent Barson and held a wedding function at the White Church.

Corrie met Barson without precedent for Indiana during the 2000s. The relationship was created after some time until they got hitched. They’re right now carrying on with a blissful life.

Janet Condra’s Second Husband

A few reports express that Janet Condra has had a second marriage with Mike Deakins. They additionally say that she had another little girl called Mandy.

Mandy is a vocalist who acts in live shows at spots, for example, Lincoln Center. A few sources say that Mandy sang at her stepsister Corrie’s wedding party in 2008.

What about Larry Bird? 

Following 13 years of their separation, Condra’s ex, Larry Bird, wedded Dinah Mattingly in 1989. Mattingly and Bird embraced their kids, Connor and Mariah Bird.

Janet Condra’s Career

There’s just a little data accessible about Janet Condra’s vocation.

What I knew from various sources is that she maintained two sources of income to offer help for her family in a past period of her life.

Janet Condra’s Net Worth

Albeit no reports give a solid gauge of Janet Condra’s total assets, being in the various large number of dollars is normal. All things considered, she was the spouse of a rich celeb.

Her ex, Larry Bird, has a total assets of around $80 million starting around 2023. He amassed the vast majority of this fortune through his unbelievable vocation in ball as a player and a mentor.

College Sweethearts

Janet and Larry were something other than a few; they were accomplices in a literal sense. As they explored the difficulties of school life, their relationship bloomed. Janet tracked down comfort in Larry’s steady help and irresistible charm. Together, they longed for a future loaded up with commitment and opportunity.

A Whirlwind Romance

In 1975, Janet and Larry traded promises, denoting the start of their process as a couple. Be that as it may, their conjugal rapture was fleeting.

Simply a year after the fact, in 1976, they headed out in different directions, their association finishing off with separate. In spite of the quickness of their marriage, Janet’s life could never go back.

In the midst of the disturbance of her own life, Janet tracked down comfort in the appearance of her girl, Corrie, in August 1977. Parenthood turned into her anchor, establishing her in the midst of the disorder.

While her union with Larry might have finished, Janet found a newly discovered strength inside herself — a strength energized by affection and commitment to her girl.

Navigating the Spotlight

Larry Bird’s ascent to NBA superstardom shot him into the spotlight, creating a shaded area that Janet couldn’t escape.

Out of nowhere pushed into the public eye by the temperance of her relationship with Larry, Janet ended up wrestling with recently discovered popularity and examination.

However, in the midst of the glare of the spotlight, she stayed unflinching in her purpose to cut out her own way.

The Power of Resilience

Janet’s process fills in as a demonstration of the force of strength notwithstanding difficulty. Notwithstanding the difficulties she confronted, she wouldn’t be characterized by her past or eclipsed by her ex’s notoriety.

All things considered, she embraced the chance to rediscover herself and manufacture another personality — one that was remarkably her own.

Finding Peace and Purpose

As the years passed, Janet zeroed in on building a daily existence loaded up with reason and significance. She emptied her energy into bringing up her girl, imparting in Corrie the very upsides of flexibility and assurance that had directed her own excursion.

Through everything, Janet found comfort in the basic delights of regular daily existence — the chuckling of her girl, the glow of esteemed kinships, and the excellence of freshly discovered interests.

Legacy and Inspiration

Janet Condra Bird may not be an easily recognized name, yet her inheritance is one of calm strength and enduring versatility.

Her process fills in as a wellspring of motivation for anybody confronting misfortune or exploring the intricacies of affection and misfortune.

In her story, we find the immortal example that our actual worth isn’t characterized by our conditions, however by the boldness with which we face them.

Janet Condra on Social Media

Janet Condra doesn’t have public records via virtual entertainment. It appears she likes to get her own life far from the spotlight.

Wrapping Up

Janet Condra is the primary spouse of the incredible ex-NBA player and mentor Larry Bird. They got hitched in November 1975, just to separate from in one year or less.

They share a little girl called Corrie, who had a troublesome youth as a result of the crushed connection between her folks.

Condra kept on supporting her little girl genuinely and monetarily notwithstanding every one of the challenges.

It’s accepted that Condra has a total assets in the various million bucks, however no authority reports affirm this.

What’s more, a few sources express that Condra wedded for the second chance to Mike Deakins and brought forth a girl named Mandy.

Additionally, Condra likes to avoid the spotlight and has no dynamic public online entertainment accounts.


  1. Janet Condra was born in the 1960s in Indiana, but her exact birth date is unknown.
  2. She graduated from Springs Valley High School.
  3. Janet married Larry Bird in November 1975, but they divorced in October 1976.
  4. They have a daughter named Corrie, born in 1977.
  5. Corrie had a challenging relationship with Larry Bird, who initially refused to meet her.


Janet Condra, the first wife of NBA legend Larry Bird, was born in Indiana in the 1960s. She and Bird married in 1975 but divorced a year later, having a daughter named Corrie. Janet faced challenges raising Corrie due to her strained relationship with Bird. Despite the difficulties, Janet remained resilient, focusing on raising her daughter and finding peace and purpose in everyday life.


When was Janet Condra born?

Janet Condra was born in the 1960s, but her exact birth date is unknown.

Who is Janet Condra’s daughter?

Janet Condra’s daughter is named Corrie, born in 1977.

What was Janet Condra’s relationship with Larry Bird?

Janet Condra married Larry Bird in 1975, but they divorced in 1976.

Did Janet Condra remarry?

Some reports suggest that Janet Condra married Mike Deakins and had a daughter named Mandy.

What is Janet Condra’s net worth?

Janet Condra’s exact net worth is not known, but she is believed to have a substantial amount due to her marriage to Larry Bird.

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