ian roussel wife
ian roussel wife

Ian Roussel’s Wife: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family And More

April 27, 2024
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On MavTV Motorsports Network’s “Full Custom Garage,” Ian Roussel, a well-known custom car builder and television personality, showcases his distinctive creations. Ian’s mind-boggling creations have earned him a reputation and piqued the interest of car enthusiasts worldwide. He has an energy for vehicle design and an underground rock mentality.

Who is Ian Roussel?

Ian Roussel is a custom vehicle developer, money manager, and television character known for his work on “Full Custom Carport.” Brought into the world on November 19, 1970, in Sunland, California, Ian has become famous in the auto business for his extraordinary way to deal with vehicle customization.

Ian Roussel Bio

Ian Roussel, brought up in Southern California, fostered an energy for vehicles early on. Regardless of not being especially keen on vehicles, Ian tracked down his bringing in making and molding one of a kind vehicle plans, which at last prompted his progress in the business.


NameIan Roussel
ProfessionCustom Car Builder, Businessman, TV Personality
Net Worth$2 Million+ USD (approx.)
Date Of Birth19 November 1970
Age53 Years Old (As of 2023)
Place Of BirthSunland, California, United States
HometownSouthern California
Currently Living InCalifornia, United States
Zodiac SignScorpio

Ian Roussel Education

Although there is a lack of specific information regarding Ian Roussel’s education, his skill in custom car building and hands-on experience have helped advance his career.

Ian Roussel Age

Starting around 2023, Ian Roussel is 53 years of age, having been brought into the world on November 19, 1970.

Ian Roussel Height

The height of Ian Roussel is unknown to the public.

Ian Roussel Personal Life

It is said that Ian Roussel is a laid-back craftsman who loves making unique automobiles. Ian maintains his humility and dedication to his craft despite his success. He appreciates chipping away at vehicles and making shapes that challenge customary plans.

Ian Roussel Family

There is restricted data accessible about Ian Roussel’s family, yet he is known to have an affectionate relationship with his family members.

Ian Roussel Career

When Ian Roussel was asked to make a DVD in 2003, his career took off on its own. This eventually led to the creation of “Full Custom Garage.” He has a loyal following and international recognition due to his distinctive style and approach to car customization.

Ian Roussel Net Worth

It is estimated that Ian Roussel has a net worth of more than $2 million USD. His prosperity on “Full Custom Carport” and the offer of his custom vehicles to global business sectors have contributed altogether to his riches.

Ian Roussel Relationship

The current relationship status of Ian Roussel is unknown to the general public.

About Him

You wouldn’t believe how cool Ian Roussel is. While Roussel makes one-of-a-kind automobiles at his home in the Mojave Desert, Ministry’s “Jesus Built My Hot Rod” plays in the background. 

Roussel stated, “It fits since I’m kind of like a punk rock guy.” Roussel, 50, who makes vehicle darlings’ fantasies work out as expected on “Full Custom Carport” on MavTV Motorsports Organization, isn’t similar to the typical talking heads who populate TV. 

The laidback specialist, who makes marvelous vehicles, isn’t ostentatious or attempting to be amusing. 

Roussel, who will be at the fifth annual Spokane Speed and Custom Show on Friday and Saturday at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center, appears to be a regular guy with a talent for making unique automobiles. “I love what I do,” Roussel said. 

“Interestingly, I’m not especially into vehicles, yet it’s my enslavement making them and making these shapes. 

My entire interest is in car sculpture. However, I don’t keep any of the cars I make, which surprises people. It is sufficient for me to produce them and dispatch them. 

Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands have all received some of Roussel’s creations as gifts. “The vehicles simply get taken care of in Lengthy Ocean side and shipped off any place on the planet,” Roussel said. 

“When they see “Full Custom Garage,” people from all over the world want specific kinds of cars.” From 4 to 7 p.m., Roussel will appear. 

Friday and 11 a.m.- 7 p.m. Saturday at the show. Roussel, who travels the desert in an unassuming dune buggy, was not looking for a television series. 

He stated, “It just happened.” “In 2003, someone asked me to make a DVD, and then something happened that led to the current eighth season of “Full Custom Garage.” It’s insane since nobody at any point imagined this. 

I’m shocked as anybody about the outcome of the show. We’re not performers. We’re vehicle individuals creating the coolest vehicles that we might potentially make.” At the Spokane Speed and Custom Show, Roussel will be surrounded by a variety of contemporary and vintage automobiles. 

“I’m amped up for going to Spokane,” he said. “I’ve never been to Spokane. We’ll have some product available to be purchased. I’ll be doing autograph sessions. Since everyone has been housebound for more than a year, attendance is likely to soar. 

One of the most important events since the pandemic altered our way of life is the Spokane Speed and Custom Show. 

There will be 340 vehicles inside the building and a few hundred more outside on the grounds. Prepare to encounter several exotic automobiles. 

Brian Anderson, who is in charge of producing the Spokane Speed and Custom Show, stated, “I’ve got some big-time cars that will be coming up from California.” 

“I have a ’56 Nova called a Cosmic explosion. I have a Leg Show T that was on the front of Bar and Custom in 1970. 

There will be a lot of serious deal sentimentality vehicles.” There will likewise be various generally new vehicles, for example, the 2019 Yenko Corvette. Anderson stated, “That car is a super-limited production car that you have to see.” “Something like 150 of them were made.” 

A well-known car judge, Anderson was born and raised in Spokane Valley and continues to do so. He stated, “This is my life, and has been since I was a kid.” “My children, like my parents, are huge fans of these kinds of cars.” 

During the 1980s, the 1989 West Valley High School graduate drove a 67 GT Fairlane. Anderson stated, “We used to cruise Riverside looking for someone to race.” The next place we would go was Pullman Colfax Highway. 

In a spot where there wasn’t much traffic, every kid raced. After the race, we would go to Dick’s Burgers and boast about who was quicker and ridicule who lost.” I’m trying to keep Spokane’s long history of cool cars alive with my shows. 

This is the biggest event in Spokane since the shutdown, so this weekend is going to be a lot of fun. There will be so many amazing cars for you to see. 

The Dead Milkmen exemplary “Bitchin’ Camaro” is turned up while Roussel prepares for his underlying visit to Spokane. 

He explained, “Like I said, I’m a punk rock guy who just loves making cars.” I enjoy meeting new people, and I’m sure I’ll meet many more over the weekend.


  1. Ian Roussel is a laid-back craftsman with a passion for creating unique cars.
  2. He describes himself as a punk rock guy, which reflects his unconventional approach to car building.
  3. Despite his success, Ian remains humble and focused on his craft, enjoying the process of shaping and creating cars.
  4. Ian Roussel is not particularly into cars, but he is addicted to making them and creating unique shapes.
  5. He does not keep any of the cars he makes; instead, he enjoys the process of making them and sending them on their way.


Ian Roussel is a custom car builder, businessman, and TV personality known for his work on “Full Custom Garage” on MavTV Motorsports Network. His career took off unexpectedly when he was asked to make a DVD in 2003, which eventually led to the creation of the show. Ian has a unique style and approach to car customization, which has earned him international recognition and a loyal following.


Q: What is Ian Roussel’s net worth?

A: Ian Roussel’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million USD.

Q: What is Ian Roussel’s age?

A: Ian Roussel is 53 years old as of 2023, having been born on November 19, 1970.

Q: Where is Ian Roussel from?

A: Ian Roussel is from Sunland, California, United States.

Q: What is Ian Roussel’s profession?

A: Ian Roussel is a custom car builder, businessman, and TV personality.

Q: Is Ian Roussel married?

A: There is no public information available about Ian Roussel’s marital status or wife.

Q: What is Ian Roussel’s approach to car building?

A: Ian Roussel has a unique approach to car building, focusing on creating unique shapes and designs that challenge conventional ideas.

Q: Where can I watch Ian Roussel’s show?

A: Ian Roussel’s show, “Full Custom Garage,” airs on MavTV Motorsports Network.

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