how tall is michael b jordan
how tall is michael b jordan

How tall is Michael B Jordan? Early life, Age, Personal life, Career, Net Worth And More

May 30, 2024
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How tall is Michael B Jordan?

Standing tall at 6 feet, Michael B. Jordan is a remarkable presence. In 2018, he even wound up putting any misinformation to rest via web-based entertainment when people scrutinized his level. In any case, hello, when you’re however great as he may be, who thinks often about two or three inches, isn’t that so?

Who is Michael B Jordan?

Born in America on February 9, 1987, Michael B. Jordan is a talented performer and creator whose work has left a lasting impression on television and motion pictures. Under the direction of the visionary Ryan Coogler, he is most widely known for his impressive performances in films such as “Fruitvale Station” (2013), in which he played the tragic shooting victim Oscar Award; “Statement of faith” (2015), in which he entered the ring as Adonis Belief; and “Dark Puma” (2018), in which he mesmerized audiences as the mind-boggling antagonist Erik Killmonger.

Yet, before his big-screen achievement, Jordan caused disturbances in TV, outstandingly as Wallace in the HBO wrongdoing series “The Wire” (2002), and later as Reggie Montgomery in the ABC drama “Every one of My Youngsters” (2003-2006) and Vince Howard in the NBC sports show “Friday Night Lights” (2009-2011).

His filmography reaches out past these features, with eminent jobs in “Narrative” (2012), “That Abnormal Second” (2014), “Phenomenal Four” (2015), and “Just Benevolence” (2019), where he conveyed a strong depiction of lawyer Bryan Stevenson. Jordan’s adaptability sparkles on screen as well as in the background; he made his first time at the helm with “Ideology III” (2023), a demonstration of his multi-layered ability.

Affirmation has followed Jordan’s superb calling. Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in both 2020 and 2023, while similarly gaining the title of People’s Most blazing Man Alive in 2020. His acting skill was perceived by The New York Times, which situated him fifteenth on its summary of the 25 greatest performers of the 21st hundred years.

Past amusement, Jordan’s inclinations reach out to sports, as he co-possesses the English Chief Association football club AFC Bournemouth, displaying his different interests and pursuits past the cinema.

Michael B Jordan Early life

Michael B. Jordan, brought into the world in 1987 in California, is an American entertainer whose excursion to notoriety is just about as amazing as his exhibitions on screen. He started off his vocation with little jobs in remarkable television series like “The Sopranos” and “The Wire.” In any case, it was his knockout depiction as the child of Apollo Statement of faith in “Belief” that truly placed him on the guide. Fun reality: he emptied his entire being into the job, in any event, doing his own tricks in the extraordinary battle scenes.

Following his Statement of faith win, Jordan overwhelmed the world as the convincing bad guy Erik Killmonger in “Dark Puma,” acquiring boundless acclaim for his strong exhibition. Also, he didn’t stop there; he got back to the ring for “Belief II,” demonstrating he’s not only a one-hit wonder.

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Presently, he’s preparing for his next huge job in the activity pressed thrill ride “Mercilessly,” where he’ll impart the screen to Jamie Chime and Jodie Turner-Smith, promising crowds another grasping exhibition.

Gracious, and we should not fail to remember the ‘B’ in Michael B. Jordan’s name — it represents Bakari, which fittingly signifies ‘promising’ in Swahili, a sign of approval for his obvious ability and potential.

Michael B Jordan Wiki

Full NameMichael Bakari Jordan
Date of Birth9 February 1987
Age37 (as of 2024)
Place of BirthSanta Ana, California
Height6ft (183cm or 1.83m)
Weight154 lbs
Net Worth$30 Million (as of 2023)
ParentsDonna and Michael A Jordan

Michael B Jordan Age

Next month, on February 9th, we’ll be celebrating another year of Michael B. Jordan’s incredible journey. Born in 1987 in St. Nick Ana, California, he’s turning 37. Currently, he’s living with his parents in a stunning 4,672-square-foot mansion in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, decked out in beautiful Spanish-style architecture.

Family is important to Michael. His dad, Michael A. Jordan, deals with diabetes, while his mom, Donna, faces the challenges of lupus, an autoimmune condition that can really take its toll on the body. Despite these health battles, they’ve all found strength together.

An update even in the midst of the marvelousness and glitz of Hollywood, genuine battles and wins are occurring consistently.

Michael B Jordan Personal life

Michael B. Jordan is known for staying quiet about his own life, however he’s had his reasonable portion of heartfelt ensnarement throughout the long term. One of his most high-profile connections was with model Lori Harvey, which purportedly endured north of a year prior evidently finishing off with June 2022.

The dating reports began twirling back in November 2020 when the two were seen together at an air terminal in Georgia not long prior to Thanksgiving. Their sentiment got titles when the two of them posted pictures on Instagram in 2021, basically affirming their relationship. At this point, there’s discussion that Jordan may be dating UK model Brilliant Jepson, however he hasn’t affirmed anything openly.

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Regardless of all the buzz encompassing his own life, Jordan’s expert accomplishments say a lot. From winning the NAACP Picture Grant for Exceptional Entertainer in a Film for his part in ‘Dark Puma’ to being named Individuals magazine’s Hottest Man Alive in 2020 and making it onto Time magazine’s rundown of the 100 most persuasive individuals on the planet in 2020 and 2023, his profession is out and out momentous.

Michael B Jordan Parents

The origins of Michael B. Jordan’s success can be seen in his background. His parents, Michael A. and Donna Jordan, had a significant influence on how his trip developed. Before making the risky decision to launch his own catering company, Michael A. Jordan was employed as a manager at Queens, New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. Conversely, Donna Jordan chose not to work in the entertainment sector. They all worked together to provide a loving home for Michael B. Jordan and his siblings, teaching in them the virtues of perseverance and hard work that would eventually propel him to stardom in the entertainment industry.

Michael B Jordan Sibling

In addition to his parents, Michael B. Jordan’s family also consists of his brother, Khalid Jordan. Even though Khalid may not receive as much attention as his well-known sibling, the two have a close relationship that is based on similar experiences and upbringing.

Khalid remains quiet despite Michael’s well-known status in the entertainment business, enabling his brother to successfully manage his personal and professional lives. The Jordan brothers are a close-knit group based on respect and familial bonds.

Michael B Jordan Girlfriend

The man everyone knows from “Fantastic Four” and the moment he was named the sexiest man alive, Michael B. Jordan, is currently adjusting to life as a single man. Rumors of a developing affair were sparked by reports about him getting close to English model Golden Jepson, who is 26 years old.

But fast forward to June, and insiders close to Jordan spilled the tea to Entertainment Tonight that they’ve called it quits. Apparently, they chalked it up to being in different phases of life. Despite the split, both sides reportedly felt the sting of heartbreak and disappointment.


This rumored fling came hot on the heels of Jordan’s previous relationship with 25-year-old model Lori Harvey, which ended after about a year and a half. Friends close to the exes expressed genuine sadness over the breakup, highlighting their enduring affection for each other. Meanwhile, it seems Harvey has moved on and found solace in the company of ‘Snowfall’ actor Damson Idris.

Michael B Jordan Ethnicity

Michael B. Jordan’s family foundation resembles a beautiful interwoven blanket, winding around together African-American and Afro-Caribbean roots. His father, with African-American legacy, and his mother, who’s Afro-Caribbean, carried various flavors to his childhood.

Experiencing childhood in St. Scratch Ana, California, since February 9, 1987, Michael must’ve absorbed a wide range of social energies, forming him into the special individual he is today. This blend of foundations adds profundity to his personality, flaunting the lovely mosaic of societies that make up his genealogical record.

Michael B Jordan Career

Michael B. Jordan has made some meaningful difference with champion exhibitions in both ‘Just Benevolence’ (2019) and the television series ‘Friday Night Lights’ (2009-2011). In ‘Just Benevolence,’ Jordan ventures into the shoes of legal advisor Bryan Stevenson, in view of Stevenson’s own diary. The film dives into Stevenson’s excursion as he battles for equity and reclamation for Walter McMillian, a man confronting capital punishment in Alabama.

Jordan’s depiction of Stevenson procured far reaching recognition for its profundity and subtlety. In the mean time, in ‘Friday Night Lights,’ Jordan sparkles as Vince Howard, a secondary school football quarterback exploring the tensions of the game and scholastic assumptions. The series, crossing more than two years, catches the substance of unassuming community football culture and the self-improvement of its characters, with Jordan’s depiction of Vince reverberating with crowds for its validness and close to home profundity.

Michael B. Jordan Workout Routine

Michael B. Jordan commands attention with his towering height, toned body, and amazing agility in the Creed movies. He’s the perfect example of a contemporary Adonis on screen. But even with the tightest meal programs, getting to that level of fitness is not easy.

To sculpt Jordan’s muscles and boost his endurance, his trainer, Corey Calliet, crafted a rigorous workout regimen straight out of a pro athlete’s playbook. Calliet explained during an interview that the training routine was a blend of athletic conditioning and bodybuilding fundamentals. It involved a four-day program combining cardio and circuit training to burn fat and sculpt muscles. Each muscle group was targeted with high-volume training for optimal results. It takes time and effort to achieve results like Jordan’s, so if you want a body like his, be ready to push yourself hard and have patience.


What then is the magic ingredient?  We’ve distilled Jordan’s Creed workout plan from Muscle and Fitness magazine for you. Start each session with a one-mile jog to get your blood pumping. Then, dive into strength-building exercises, performing each set for one lift before moving on to the next. Keep rest periods minimal, except on day three, where you’ll complete a circuit of the first five exercises with 25 reps each, repeating the circuit three times.

And a quick heads-up: if you see reps counted down (10, 9, 8, etc.), that means you start with 10 reps on the first set and decrease by one rep for each subsequent set until you hit the suggested number of sets. Just remember, this workout isn’t for the faint of heart. Make sure you’re in good physical shape and consider consulting with a medical professional before diving in. Safety first, folks!

Michael B Jordan Net Worth

Around 2024, Michael B. Jordan’s all out resources is evaluated to be around $30 million, an exhibition of his thriving acting calling and productive undertakings in various ventures. His positions in blockbuster movies like ‘Dim Puma’ and ‘Philosophy’ have very upheld his money related status.

After his cutting edge job in the momentous ‘Dark Puma’ in 2018, Jordan supposedly got a significant payout of $2 million, alongside a portion of the film’s backend benefits, further setting his monetary achievement.


  • Early Life and Vocation: Michael B. Jordan was brought into the world on February 9, 1987, in St Nick Ana, California. He started his vocation with jobs in remarkable television series like “The Wire” and “Friday Night Lights” prior to earning broad respect for his depiction of Oscar Award in “Fruitvale Station.”
  • Striking Jobs: Jordan’s breakout job came as Adonis Statement of faith in “Belief,” trailed by his convincing execution as Erik Killmonger in “Dark Puma.” He has exhibited his adaptability in different classifications, from shows like “Only Benevolence” to superhuman movies like “Fabulous Four.”
  • Accolades: All through his vocation, Jordan has gotten various honors and assignments, including NAACP Picture Grants and acknowledgment from Time magazine and Individuals’ “Hottest Man Alive” list.
  • Individual Life: In spite of his popularity, Jordan likes to keep his own life hidden. He has been sincerely connected to high-profile figures like Lori Harvey and, all the more as of late, supposed to date UK model Brilliant Jepson.
  • Actual Characteristics: Remaining at 6 feet tall, Jordan has a directing presence on screen. His athletic body, exhibited outstandingly in the Statement of faith films, mirrors his devotion to wellness and thorough gym routine schedules.


Michael B. Jordan is an American performer brought into the world on February 9, 1987, in St Scratch Ana, California. He procured obviousness through positions in TV series like “The Wire” and “Friday Night Lights” preceding achieving unlimited endorsement for his presentations in motion pictures, for instance, “Fruitvale Station,” “Philosophy,” and “Dull Panther.” Jordan’s occupation has been separate by adaptability and essential endorsement, obtaining him respects and affirmation in news sources.


How tall is Michael B Jordan?

Michael B. Jordan remains at 6 feet tall, as affirmed by different sources.

What is Michael B Jordan’s total assets?

Starting around 2024, Michael B. Jordan’s total assets is assessed to be around $30 million, basically credited to his effective acting vocation and association in different endeavors.

What are some of Michael B Jordan’s striking jobs?

Jordan has conveyed champion exhibitions in movies, for example, “Fruitvale Station,” “Ideology,” “Dark Puma,” and “Just Leniency,” displaying his flexibility as an entertainer.

Is Michael B Jordan at present seeing someone?

While Jordan likes to keep his own life hidden, he has been connected to display Lori Harvey previously and supposed to date UK model Brilliant Jepson.

What is Michael B Jordan’s exercise routine like?

Jordan’s exercise routine daily practice, especially for his parts in the Statement of faith films, includes a thorough mix of cardio, aerobics, and high-volume strength practices intended to shape muscles and lift perseverance.

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