Grace Charis Net Worth: Biography, Age, Career & More Detail

Grace Charis Net Worth: Biography, Age, Career & More Detail

June 26, 2024
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Grace Charis Net Worth

$1 million

Grace Charis, a multifaceted talent from the United States, has made a significant impact across various fields. She is well-known as a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and Instagram star, as well as a prominent figure in the golf community. Her captivating golf videos and striking modeling photos have earned her a substantial following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Grace’s journey on TikTok began in 2022, and she quickly gained popularity with her engaging and dynamic content. Her life story offers a fascinating glimpse into both her personal and professional endeavors.

Grace Charis Net Worth

Grace Charis has carved out a profitable niche for herself in the digital world, with her diverse social media presence contributing, Grace Charis Net Worth estimated net worth of $1 million. In addition to her engaging content on Instagram and TikTok, Grace has broadened her influence by appearing on various podcast episodes, showcasing her versatility and expanding her audience. Her online ventures also include an active presence on OnlyFans, where she further connects with her followers. Grace’s YouTube channel, with over 37.7K subscribers, underscores her prominence and success as a digital influencer.

Who Is Grace Charis?

Hailing from California, Grace Charis has swiftly risen to prominence on social media and within the golfing community. Her transformation from an amateur golfer to a highly-regarded influencer exemplifies a blend of talent, dedication, and innovative engagement. This article delves into Grace Charis’s life journey, her professional achievements, and the intriguing aspects of her activities beyond the golf course.

Grace Charis Biography

Born on November 21, 2002, in Newport Beach, California, Grace Charis is the daughter of Cassandra and Robert Smith. She grew up alongside her brother, Ryan Smith. Grace’s passion for golf ignited at the young age of seven. By 14, her dedication and skill had propelled her to the elite ranks of the Singapore National Golf Team. Balancing her athletic pursuits with academic goals, Grace pursued higher education at Singapore Management University, where she earned a degree in business management. Her journey reflects a strong commitment to both her sport and her studies.

Grace Charis Wiki

Full nameGrace Charis Smith
Date of birth21 November 2002
Age20 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthNewport Beach, California, United States
Current residenceNewport Beach, California, United States
Height (feet)5’6″
Height (centimetres)167
Weight (pounds)119
Weight (kilograms)55
Relationship statusSingle
ProfessionGolf player, influencer, model, entrepreneur
Net worth$1 million

Grace Charis Early Life

Emerging from the sunlit vistas of California in 2002, Grace Charis has ascended rapidly to stardom, capturing attention on TikTok and Instagram. With each post, she weaves a compelling narrative of authenticity and talent, captivating a global audience. Her rise to fame is akin to a comet’s brilliant path, marked by genuine connections and undeniable charm. At 20 years old in 2023, Grace stands at 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) and maintains an athletic build, underscoring her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Her striking blonde hair and piercing blue eyes add to her allure, but it is her inner drive and passion that truly set her apart. As she continues to achieve remarkable milestones, Grace Charis remains a formidable force in the digital landscape.

Grace Charis Age

Renowned golfer Grace Charis was born on November 21, 2002, making her 20 years old in 2023 under the Scorpio sign. Hailing from the coastal city of Newport Beach, California, she was born Grace Charis Smith. Grace has made a significant impact both on the golf course and as a social media influencer.

Grace Charis Education

Grace Charis embarked on her academic journey at Raffles Girls’ School, later advancing to Singapore Management University. During her time there, she not only excelled academically but also sharpened her golf skills. Initially, Grace attended a private high school in her hometown before moving on to a prestigious university. These foundational experiences played a crucial role in her development and paved the way for her entry into the world of professional golf.

Grace Charis Height & Weight

Grace Charis stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches, her athletic build radiating confidence and strength. Weighing around 55 kg, her slender frame reflects her dedication to a healthy lifestyle, which enhances her performance both on the golf course and in front of the camera. Her poised demeanor and physical prowess make a lasting impression, captivating everyone who encounters her.

Grace Charis Family, Siblings

The bedrock of Grace Charis’s success lies in the supportive foundation provided by her family, although the details of her immediate familial relationships remain largely private. It is likely that her upbringing was imbued with values of determination and resilience, perhaps instilled by her parents, which have equipped her to thrive in the realms of social media and competitive sports. If she has siblings, they may have fostered an environment of camaraderie and healthy competition, driving her to excel.

Regardless of the specifics, it is clear that Grace’s family has been instrumental in shaping her values, ambition, and outlook on life. In an industry where the allure of fame is paired with its demanding nature, a strong support system is crucial—something Grace evidently treasures.

Grace Charis Career

In her early years, Grace Charis developed a deep passion for golf, a fervor that continued to shine brightly throughout her life. However, it was only after completing her academic journey that she made a seamless transition into professional golf. Regularly, she shares glimpses of her golfing prowess through visual media on various social platforms. Her personal YouTube channel, in particular, serves as a stage for showcasing her skills and techniques, boasting an impressive subscriber base of over 819,000.

Beyond her golfing talent, Grace has also established herself as a significant social media influencer on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Here, she shares moments of her modeling intertwined with her golfing adventures, captivating a vast audience. On Instagram alone, she commands a following of over 1.7 million as of this writing, and her content continues to attract and engage fans worldwide.

Grace Charis: A Golf Influencer

Grace Charis, born and raised in the vibrant coastal town of Newport Beach, California, in 2002, developed a deep love for golf early on. After completing high school, she decided to fully commit to her passion for the sport. In February 2022, Grace began her Instagram journey, sharing captivating photos and videos of her golfing adventures.

Her ambition didn’t stop there; she expanded her presence to YouTube and TikTok, where her skills and infectious enthusiasm quickly captivated audiences. Initially, she garnered a following of 1 million devoted fans on both platforms. By 2024, her fan base had more than doubled, surpassing 2 million followers on each platform—a testament to her remarkable success and popularity in the digital world.

Grace Charis Personal Life

Grace Charis has successfully maintained a balance between her public persona and private life, even with her significant online presence. This careful separation adds an intriguing layer of mystery to her personality, captivating her followers. At 21 years old, Grace hails from Newport Beach, California. She occasionally shares glimpses of her life, hobbies, and interests, offering fans a peek into her world beyond golf and social media.

Grace’s love for horse riding, sailing, surfing, and cooking frequently features in her content, making her relatable to a diverse audience. When it comes to her personal relationships, Grace prefers to keep a low profile. She has not disclosed any details about her romantic life, choosing to maintain privacy in this area. This decision has earned the respect of her fans, who admire her ability to set boundaries while navigating a public career.

Grace Charis Awards

Grace Charis is a true luminary in the entertainment world, renowned for her exceptional talents as a singer, songwriter, and actress. Her impressive accolades include a NAACP Image Award, a BET Honor, and a Grammy Award, reflecting her immense talent and dedication. Grace stands at 5 feet 7 inches and maintains a healthy weight of approximately 55 kilograms, embodying a commitment to wellness. Her ebony hair and hazel eyes enhance her captivating presence.

Grace’s professional journey is remarkable, marked by successful albums and singles, as well as acclaimed roles in film and television. With a net worth of around $2 million, her financial success is well-earned. Her influence extends beyond traditional media, as she actively engages with over a million followers on Instagram. Grace Charis continues to inspire and enchant audiences, solidifying her place as a radiant star in the entertainment industry.

Grace Charis Hobbies

Grace Charis’ passion for golf is undeniable, but her interests span well beyond the golf course. Embracing a variety of activities that complement both her career and personal life, her hobbies reveal a well-rounded approach to living that goes beyond her athletic pursuits. From horse riding and sailing to surfing and cooking, Grace’s diverse interests showcase her commitment to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Grace Charis Social Media

Grace Charis’s rise to fame and influence has been significantly boosted by her presence on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram (@itsgracecharis), she captivates over 2.8 million followers with her stunning visuals and engaging content. Her YouTube channel, with more than 817,000 subscribers and 367 videos, showcases her golf games, lifestyle, and modeling ventures. Through her active presence on these platforms, Grace connects with fans around the globe, offering insights into her life, career, and passions.

Interesting Facts About Grace Charis

  • Early Start in Golf: Grace Charis began playing golf at seven and reached the elite levels of the Singapore National Golf Team by 14.
  • Academic Achievements: She earned a degree in business management from Singapore Management University, highlighting her dedication to both academics and sports.
  • Social Media Stardom: Grace launched her TikTok journey in 2022, now boasting over 2.8 million Instagram followers and more than 817k YouTube subscribers.
  • Versatile Interests: Apart from golf, Grace enjoys horse riding, sailing, surfing, and cooking, sharing these hobbies with her social media followers.
  • Podcast Appearances: She has expanded her influence by appearing on several podcast episodes.
  • OnlyFans Presence: Grace maintains an active presence on OnlyFans, diversifying her online ventures.
  • Physical Attributes: Standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 55 kg, Grace’s athletic physique reflects her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Family Background: Born and raised in Newport Beach, California, Grace is the daughter of Cassandra and Robert Smith and has a brother named Ryan Smith.
  • Golf and Modeling: Grace blends her passion for golf with her modeling career, captivating audiences with her dual talents.
  • Privacy: Despite her public career, Grace keeps much of her personal life private, balancing her professional and private worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Grace Charis

Q: What is Grace Charis’ net worth?
A: Grace Charis has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which she has earned through her social media presence, modeling, and various online ventures.

Q: Where is Grace Charis from?
A: Grace Charis is from Newport Beach, California, United States.

Q: How old is Grace Charis?
A: Grace Charis is 20 years old as of 2023, having been born on November 21, 2002.

Q: What are Grace Charis’ hobbies?
A: Beyond golf, Grace enjoys horse riding, sailing, surfing, and cooking.

Q: Does Grace Charis have any siblings?
A: Yes, Grace has a brother named Ryan Smith.

Q: What did Grace Charis study in university?
A: Grace Charis studied business management at Singapore Management University.

Q: How did Grace Charis become famous?
A: Grace gained fame through her captivating golf demonstrations and modeling shots on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Q: Does Grace Charis have a YouTube channel?
A: Yes, Grace Charis has a YouTube channel with over 817k subscribers, where she shares her golf games, lifestyle, and modeling ventures.

Q: Is Grace Charis active on OnlyFans?
A: Yes, Grace Charis maintains an active presence on OnlyFans.

Q: What is Grace Charis’ height and weight?
A: Grace Charis stands at 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall and weighs approximately 119 pounds (55 kg).


Grace Charis is a multifaceted talent who has excelled in both the golfing world and the social media landscape. Beginning her journey at a young age, she quickly rose to prominence through her captivating online presence and impressive golf skills. Her interests span various activities, from horse riding and surfing to cooking, highlighting her versatility. Despite her public persona, Grace maintains a level of privacy that adds an element of intrigue to her life. Her dedication to her craft, both on and off the golf course, combined with her academic achievements, showcases a well-rounded individual who continues to inspire her followers. Grace Charis is undoubtedly a rising star whose journey is worth following.

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