garrett myles bridges
garrett myles bridges

Garrett Myles Bridges: Age, Wife, Career, Net Worth, & More Information

April 17, 2024
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Who is Garrett Myles Bridges? 

Deplorably, Garrett Myles Scaffolds, the posterity of regarded performer Lloyd Extensions and his life partner Dorothy Extensions, left this world at a youthful age of about a month and a half inferable from Unexpected Baby Passing Condition. Regardless of his short presence, Garrett hailed from a genealogy of significant accomplishment.

His progenitor, Lloyd Bridges, achieved legendary status in the realm of Hollywood, earning acclaim for his portrayals across myriad films and television productions spanning numerous epochs. Garrett’s progenitor, mother, and siblings Beau and Jeff Bridges all traversed the path of thespianism.

Though his sojourn on earth was ephemeral, Garrett Myles Bridges endures in memory as a scion of one of Hollywood’s most illustrious acting clans. He was the cherished offspring of Lloyd Bridges and sibling to other luminary thespians such as Beau and Jeff Bridges. His premature demise remains enshrined in contemporary recollection.

Early Life of Garrett Myles Bridges 

Garrett Myles Scaffolds was brought into the world on 14 June 1948 in Los Angeles, California. He was the second offspring of renowned entertainer Lloyd Scaffolds and his better half Dorothy Extensions.

Garrett Myles Bridges Age 

Garrett Myles Scaffolds was just 0 years of age since he was brought into the world on 14 June, 1948 and died on 3 August 1948. Garret Myles Scaffolds, tragically, lived exclusively for quite a long time as he died in outset very early on of 0 years of age because of unexpected baby demise disorder.

Garrett Myles Bridges Height & Weight 

Garrett Myles Scaffolds stood roughly a foot tall and weighed around 2-3 kg at the hour of his sad passing only a couple of months after his introduction to the world. He was the child of eminent entertainer Lloyd Scaffolds yet tragically lived for just a brief period in 1948

Garrett Myles Bridges Wife

In a sorrowful twist of fate, Garrett Myles Bridges met his demise at the tender age of merely six weeks, thereby forgoing the bonds of matrimony and spousal companionship. Nonetheless, he was birthed into a lineage replete with opulence within the realm of entertainment.

Garrett, the second progeny of the esteemed American luminary Lloyd Bridges and his consort, Dorothy Bridges.

Dorothy, also recognized as Dorothy Dean, garnered accolades as a proficient thespian and wordsmith in her own merit. Their union transpired amidst the theatrical realms of academia during their formative years.

Their nuptials transpired in the year 1938, a bond that endured for six decades until Lloyd’s demise in 1998.

Dorothy epitomized the archetype of a devoted and nurturing consort to Lloyd. She remained steadfast by his side as he carved a distinguished trajectory in the annals of Hollywood over numerous epochs.

Despite grappling with the harrowing loss of their infant scion Garrett to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in 1948, Dorothy assumed the mantle of nurturing their remaining progeny – Beau, Jeff, and Cindy – in tandem with Lloyd. All three offsprings later embarked on illustrious careers within the thespian sphere.

Dorothy, by all accounts, was engulfed in anguish following Garrett’s premature demise at a nascent age of six weeks. Nevertheless, she derived solace and purpose from showering affection upon her surviving progeny. Additionally, Dorothy immortalized Garrett’s memory through her artistic endeavors as an actress and wordsmith.

Regrettably, Dorothy breathed her last in 2009 at the ripe age of 93.

Her legacy encompassed a distinguished career in her own right. However, her paramount bequest resonated in the form of the nurturing familial milieu she fostered alongside Lloyd, notwithstanding the tragic demise of their scion Garrett at a tender juncture in life.

While Garrett remained bereft of a matrimonial union, he hailed from a lineage steeped in profound love, unwavering support, and matrimonial fidelity epitomized by his progenitors, Dorothy and Lloyd.

Garrett Myles Bridges Career 

Nonetheless, within his fleeting existence, he appeared destined for eminence, mirroring the trajectory of his illustrious progenitor, Lloyd Bridges, a distinguished luminary in the realm of cinema.

Although Garrett’s sojourn was curtailed prematurely, he was immersed in a milieu of thespians, nurtured within the milieu of celluloid and sound stages, observing his progenitor and siblings as they pursued their artistic ambitions within the entertainment sphere.

Had he been granted a protracted tenure, Garrett would undoubtedly have embraced the vocation of acting, aligning himself with the lineage of the Bridges family.

His progenitor, Lloyd, alongside his brethren, Beau and Jeff, traversed the echelons of triumph within the cinematic expanse.

It is conceivable that Garrett would have been galvanized by their triumphs and fervor for narrative exposition. Even in his nascent stage of existence, he was ensconced within the precincts of dramaturgy, courtesy of his familial proximity.

Alas, Garrett’s ephemeral existence and latent potential were truncated prematurely. Nonetheless, his ephemeral sojourn indubitably left an indelible imprint upon those within his ambit, igniting aspirations in homage to his legacy.

Garrett Myles Bridges Net Worth 

Garrett Myles Scaffolds passed on when he was just 2.5 months old. So he has no measure of resources and acquiring sources. Naturally introduced to a group of skilled entertainers, including his dad, Lloyd Extensions, and kin Lover Scaffolds and Jeff Extensions, Garrett’s initial passing implied he was unable to seek after acting or add to the family’s imaginative heritage in media outlets. The Extensions family keeps on respecting Garrett’s life through their continuous work in Hollywood.

Garrett Myles Bridges Movies

Tragically, Garrett didn’t be able to act in that frame of mind to his unfavorable passing; he experienced childhood in a group of specialists profoundly engaged with Hollywood. Given his family foundation and interests, he retained media outlets climate through his dad and appeared to be bound for a lifelong in acting. Lloyd Scaffolds frequently talked affectionately about the amount Garrett delighted in visiting film sets and watching the film making process, even as a child.

Garrett Myles Bridges Death

Tragically, Garrett had an exceptionally short life as he died at only 6 weeks old on 3 August 1948 in Los Angeles.

Garrett Myles Bridges Cause of Death

Garrett tragically passed on from abrupt baby demise disorder, which was extremely horrendous for his folks. Notwithstanding his young age, Garrett was cherished beyond a doubt by his loved ones. He had 3 kin – two siblings, Lover Extensions and Jeff Scaffolds, who likewise became popular entertainers, and a sister, Cindy Extensions. Both of Garrett’s folks were skilled entertainers who empowered their children’s energy for artistic expression. While Garrett didn’t have a long youth to encounter life, he was naturally introduced to an imaginative and strong family climate. However he left this world too early, Garrett will constantly be recollected with affection by his celebrity father, Lloyd Scaffolds and the Extensions family.


Birth and Demise: Born on June 14, 1948, in Los Angeles, California, Garrett tragically passed away at the age of six weeks on August 3, 1948.

Parentage: Garrett was the son of renowned actor Lloyd Bridges and actress Dorothy Bridges.

Family Legacy: He was part of the Bridges family, which included his brothers Beau and Jeff Bridges, all of whom pursued careers in acting.

Cause of Death: Garrett succumbed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, leaving behind a legacy within his illustrious family.

Career Potential: Despite his premature passing, Garrett was surrounded by thespian influences within his family and showed early signs of potential interest in acting.

Net Worth: As Garrett’s life was tragically cut short, he did not have the opportunity to accumulate wealth or pursue a career. However, his family continues to honor his memory through their contributions to the entertainment industry.


Garrett Myles Scaffolds, brought into the world on June 14, 1948, was the second offspring of regarded entertainer Lloyd Extensions and his better half Dorothy Extensions. Sadly, Garrett died at the young age of six weeks on August 3, 1948, because of Abrupt Newborn child Passing Disorder. Regardless of his short life, Garrett hailed from a family profoundly settled in media outlets, with his dad, mother, and kin Lover and Jeff Extensions all making critical commitments to Hollywood.


Who were Garrett Myles Bridges’ parents?

Garrett was the son of actor Lloyd Bridges and actress Dorothy Bridges.

What was Garrett Myles Bridges’ cause of death?

Garrett tragically passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at the age of six weeks.

Did Garrett Myles Bridges have any siblings?

Yes, Garrett had two brothers, Beau and Jeff Bridges, both of whom became renowned actors, and a sister named Cindy Bridges.

What was Garrett Myles Bridges’ potential career path?

Despite his young age, Garrett showed signs of potential interest in acting, being surrounded by a family deeply involved in the entertainment industry.

What is the legacy of Garrett Myles Bridges?

Though his life was brief, Garrett remains a cherished member of the Bridges family, known for their contributions to Hollywood, and is fondly remembered by his parents, siblings, and extended family.

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