Dwayne Carter III (Lil Wayne's Son): All About His Bio, Age, Height, Family, And Future Facts
Dwayne Carter III (Lil Wayne's Son): All About His Bio, Age, Height, Family, And Future Facts

Dwayne Carter III (Lil Wayne’s Son): All About His Bio, Age, Height, Family, And Future Facts

April 30, 2024
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Dwayne Carter III, born on October 22, 2008, is the eldest son of the renowned American rapper, Lil Wayne. At 15 years old, he has grown up in the limelight, often making appearances in the media alongside his famous father.

With Lil Wayne’s celebrity status, Dwayne has had unique experiences, such as accompanying his father to high-profile events like the 2019 NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte and even visiting the White House. His presence in his father’s life is evident, as he is frequently mentioned in articles and seen on Lil Wayne’s social media.

In this article, we delve into the life of Dwayne Carter III, exploring details about his mother and his potential in the music industry, following in his father’s footsteps.

Who is Dwayne Carter III?

Who is Dwayne Carter III?

Dwayne Carter III is a young boy who, like many of you reading this, is famous because his dad is a well-known music artist. Despite his fame, Dwayne is just like any other kid; he has a big heart and loves to play. Whether he’s immersed in his favorite video game or creating a cool drawing, Dwayne enjoys the simple pleasures of childhood.

Like any child, Dwayne attends school, where he learns new things and has fun with his friends. He also has a love for music and enjoys spending time with his pet. Dwayne’s life is filled with adventures, both big and small, and he eagerly looks forward to what the future holds!

Bio Summary Of Dwayne Carter III

Full/Real name Dwayne Carter III
Nick/Popular nameLil Tuney
Birth date 22 October 2008
BirthplaceCincinnati, Ohio, USA
Age (As of 2023)15 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
Ethnicity Biracial
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherDwayne Michael Carter, Jr (Lil Wayne)
MotherSarah Vivan
SiblingsReginae Carter, Cameron Carter, Neal Carter, and Essence Vivian (half-siblings)
Marital statusSingle
Famous ForBeing the first son of Lil Wayne
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
Native LanguageEnglish

Dwayne Carter III Real Name

Dwayne Carter III Real Name

Dwayne Carter III’s real name carries a significant legacy, just like how some of us have fun nicknames. His name is identical to his father’s, but with the addition of “III” at the end, signifying that he is the third generation to bear this name. This naming tradition is a way to honor his family’s history and distinguish him from his father and grandfather. It’s a special bond that connects him to his family’s past and future, showing his love and respect for his heritage.

Sharing a name with someone you love can be incredibly meaningful. For Dwayne and his father, it’s a way to celebrate their bond and carry on their family’s legacy. Despite the fame and attention, Dwayne Carter III remains grounded in his identity, proud of his name and the family history it represents.

Lil Wayne: Dwayne Carter III’s Father

Lil Wayne: Dwayne Carter III's Father

Lil Wayne, originally named Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., was born on September 27, 1982, making him 40 years old as of now, falling under the zodiac sign of Libra. However, his journey to stardom has not been without its challenges. At the tender age of 12 in 1994, Lil Wayne faced a harrowing experience when he accidentally shot himself in the chest. Later, he revealed that this incident was a suicide attempt, driven by his mother’s disapproval of his rap dreams. Despite this dark moment, Lil Wayne’s resilience and determination shone through, leading him to become one of the most influential figures in the rap industry.

This near-tragic event became a turning point in Lil Wayne’s life, propelling him towards his musical career. Surviving this ordeal, he channeled his energy into his passion for rap, eventually rising to fame as a prominent rapper. His journey is a testament to his strength and perseverance, inspiring many with his music and story. Today, Lil Wayne stands as a symbol of resilience, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, there is always hope for a brighter future.

Sarah Vivian: Dwayne Carter III’s Mother

Sarah Vivian: Dwayne Carter III's Mother

Dwayne Carter III’s mother is Sarah Vivian. Sarah gained attention for her relationship with Lil Wayne and is known for her work as an American radio personality. She has worked at several prominent radio stations in the US, including Streetz 94.5 and iHeartMedia. Currently, Sarah is affiliated with Sirius XM and also serves on the board of directors for the non-profit organization, The Love Project 404.

Sarah, a single mother who is 36 years old, was born on August 17, 1987, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. She is of Asian descent and her parents are Jammie Ballew and Christina Tran. Growing up in Cincinnati, Sarah has two siblings, Elisabeth and Jayde Mauldin.

While not much is known about Sarah’s early life and education, it is reported that she attended Lakota West High School in West Chester Township, a suburb of Cincinnati. She then pursued a degree in fashion at the University of Cincinnati, following a childhood dream of becoming a fashionista.

However, Sarah ultimately found her passion in radio and journalism after a friend suggested she explore the field. She attended the Atlanta Broadcasting Institute, where she studied Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology. Sarah is known for her dedication to her son, often sharing pictures and videos of their moments on her Instagram Stories.

How Did Lil Wayne and Sarah Vinn Meet?

Sarah Vivian’s introduction to Lil Wayne’s world was nothing short of serendipitous. It was at an after-party following one of his concerts in Cincinnati in 2006 that their paths first crossed. At the time, Sarah, a 19-year-old music enthusiast, found herself in awe of the iconic rapper. Little did she know that this encounter would mark the beginning of a significant chapter in her life.

Despite their five-year age gap, Lil Wayne, then 24, and Sarah hit it off instantly. Their connection deepened over time, blossoming into a meaningful relationship. Two years into their journey together, Sarah and Lil Wayne welcomed their son, Dwayne Carter III, into the world. Their love story is a testament to the magic of unexpected encounters and the profound bonds that can form when two hearts align.

Dwayne Carter III Four Half Siblings

Dwayne Carter III Four Half Siblings

Dwayne Carter III is not alone in his family; he has four half-siblings from both his parents’ previous relationships. His parents, Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivian, did not have any other children together, making Dwayne the only child of their union. However, he is fortunate to have two sisters and two brothers from his father’s and mother’s sides.

Reginae Carter, Lil Wayne’s daughter with Toya Johnson, was born in 1998, making her Dwayne’s older half-sister. Toya, a rapper, reality TV star, and businesswoman, was briefly married to Lil Wayne, but their union ended after a few years. Reginae has since grown up to become an actress, model, and internet personality.

Cameron Carter, born in 2009, is Dwayne’s younger half-brother, born to Lil Wayne and actress Lauren London. Essence Vivian, Dwayne’s half-sister from his mother’s side, was born in 2005 from his mother’s previous relationship before she met Lil Wayne. Lastly, Neal Carter, Dwayne’s youngest half-brother, was born in 2009 to Lil Wayne and Grammy-nominated vocalist Nivea Hamilton. Despite the complexities of their family tree, Dwayne and his half-siblings share a special bond as part of each other’s lives.

Are Dwayne Carter III’s Mother And Lil Wayne Still Together?

No, Dwayne Carter III’s mother, Sarah Vivian, and Lil Wayne are not together. They dated for about two years before their son was born, but they eventually parted ways. Despite their separation, they agreed to maintain a positive and friendly relationship for the sake of their son. Lil Wayne publicly announced his impending fatherhood at the 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards ceremony, although he did not reveal the identity of his mother at the time. Sarah and Lil Wayne have joint custody of Dwayne Carter III, ensuring that the rapper has ample time to spend with his son.

Dwayne Carter III Friends

Dwayne Carter III has a wonderful circle of friends with whom he shares countless moments of joy and laughter. They bond over various activities, such as playing games like racing around the park or constructing imaginative creations with blocks. Together, they embark on thrilling adventures, often pretending to be superheroes on daring missions to save the world.

Beyond their playful escapades, Dwayne and his friends enjoy sharing stories about their beloved pets and recounting their weekend adventures. In school, they make learning enjoyable by assisting each other with homework and cherishing their playtime during recess. Having such close friends is a source of immense happiness for Dwayne, as it ensures that he always has someone to share his exciting adventures with. His friends are an integral part of his life, contributing significantly to his joyful days!

Dwayne Carter III’s Interest In Music

Dwayne Carter III’s Interest In Music

Dwayne Carter III, at just 15 years old, has already displayed a keen interest in music, following in the footsteps of his famous father. Under the stage name Lil Tune, he made his musical debut in 2020 with a feature on his father’s track “FL4M3$.” Fans were impressed by his performance and saw a glimpse of his father’s talent shining through in the younger Carter.

Listeners felt a wave of nostalgia when Dwayne rapped through the entire track, reminiscent of Lil Wayne’s iconic style, particularly in tracks like “A Milli.” Beyond his own music, Dwayne enjoys immersing himself in the music scene, often attending concerts and rubbing shoulders with stars like Chris Brown, Lil Baby, Drake, and Jack Harlow. Additionally, Dwayne made an appearance on his father’s 2020 mixtape, No Ceilings 3, alongside his half-brother Kameron.

While it remains uncertain whether Dwayne will pursue a full-fledged music career like his father, one thing is evident – he has inherited his father’s passion for music and undeniable talent. Fans eagerly anticipate seeing Lil Tune develop and grow in his musical journey, eager to witness him carve his path in the industry, just like his father.

Why Lil Wayne’s Son Dwayne Carter III Is So Famous?

Why Lil Wayne’s Son Dwayne Carter III Is So Famous?

Dwayne Carter III’s fame primarily stems from being the son of Lil Wayne, one of hip-hop’s most influential artists. Lil Wayne’s dominance in the music industry for over two decades has naturally brought attention to his son, who has benefited from his father’s renown and achievements.

Here are some specific reasons why Dwayne Carter III is famous:

  1. Son of Lil Wayne: Being the child of a famous individual automatically puts one in the public eye, and Dwayne Carter III has been in that spotlight since childhood, with media documenting his every move.
  2. Music Career: Dwayne Carter III has proven to be a talented rapper in his own right, releasing successful mixtapes and collaborating with industry heavyweights like Drake and Nicki Minaj.
  3. Social Media Presence: With a substantial following on platforms like Instagram, Dwayne Carter III engages with fans, shares his music, and increases his visibility.
  4. Brand Ambassadorship: Partnering with major brands such as Pepsi and Beats by Dre has further elevated Dwayne Carter III’s status and increased his fame.
  5. Charming Personality: Known for his cheerful demeanor and sense of humor, Dwayne Carter III has endeared himself to many, contributing to his popularity.

Overall, Dwayne Carter III’s fame is a result of his music career, social media presence, brand partnerships, and charismatic personality, all of which have helped him carve out his own identity in the shadow of his father’s immense success.

Dwayne Carter III Hobbies

Playing with toys that make music– Loves making sounds and melodies <br> – Finds it magical
Running and jumping outside– Enjoys feeling the wind while pretending to be a superhero
Drawing pictures– Uses lots of colors to create imaginative worlds
Learning new sports– Always eager to try something fun, whether it’s throwing a ball or running fast
Listening to music– Finds joy in music, just like his dad, and enjoys dancing to it

Dwayne Carter III has a range of hobbies that reflect his energetic and creative nature. He loves playing with toys that make music, enjoying the magical sounds and melodies they produce. Running and jumping outside make him feel like a superhero, and he revels in the sensation of the wind as he races around. Drawing pictures is another passion of his, using lots of colors to create imaginative worlds where anything can happen. Dwayne is always eager to learn new sports, finding joy in trying something fun, whether it’s throwing a ball or running fast. Just like his dad, music fills Dwayne’s days with joy, and he loves listening to it and dancing along.

Dwayne Carter III’s Favorite Thing

Playing Music– Loves playing with instruments and making up his own songs
Sports– Enjoys playing sports, especially ones his dad likes
Video Games– Has fun playing video games and going on adventures in the game world
Hanging Out with Family– Spending time with his mom, dad, and siblings is super important to him
Drawing– Likes to draw pictures and create colorful stories on paper
Listening to Stories– Enjoys listening to stories, whether they’re read by his parents or in books

Dwayne Carter III has a variety of favorite things that reflect his interests and personality. He loves playing music, especially with instruments, where he can create his own songs. Sports are also a big part of his life, and he enjoys playing them, especially those that his dad likes too. Video games are another favorite pastime, where he can go on adventures in the game world. Spending time with his family, including his mom, dad, and siblings, is incredibly important to him. Dwayne also enjoys drawing, using his creativity to create colorful stories on paper. Additionally, he likes listening to stories, whether they’re read to him by his parents or found in books, sparking his imagination and love for storytelling.

Dwayne Carter III Foods And Games

Foods– Pizza topped with lots of cheese and pepperoni <br> – Grilled hamburgers with favorite toppings <br> – Chocolate or vanilla ice cream
Games– Video games where he can be a hero, go on adventures, and solve puzzles <br> – Games where he can build and create his own world <br> – Sports games where he can score and play like his favorite athletes

Dwayne has a variety of favorite foods and games that he enjoys. For food, he loves pizza topped with lots of cheese and pepperoni, finding it delicious and satisfying. Grilled hamburgers with all his favorite toppings are also a favorite, especially when they’re cooked to perfection. For a sweet treat, he can never resist a big scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Meal times are fun for Dwayne when he gets to enjoy these foods.

When it comes to games, Dwayne has a diverse range of favorites. He loves playing video games where he can be a hero, going on exciting adventures and solving puzzles. Building and creating his world in games is another favorite pastime, allowing him to unleash his creativity. Additionally, playing sports games is super fun for him, especially when he can score goals or make baskets just like his favorite athletes. These games not only provide entertainment but also help Dwayne learn new things and be creative while having a great time playing.

Dwayne Carter III Legacy and Impact

Dwayne Carter III may be young, but his impact is already profound. His genuine nature effortlessly spreads smiles and joy, serving as a reminder that kindness and fun go hand in hand. Through his everyday actions—playing, learning, and sharing—he exemplifies the idea that being oneself is not only cool but also impactful.

His story serves as an inspiration for other kids, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and find joy in each day. Dwayne’s journey is a testament to the fact that age is not a barrier to making a positive difference in the world. His example encourages us all to emulate his spirit, spreading happiness wherever we go and leaving a lasting impact on those around us.

Lil Wayne’s Net Worth

Lil Wayne’s Net Worth

Lil Wayne’s financial status is a topic of much speculation and debate. While many sources estimate his net worth to be around $170 million, the rapper himself has refuted these claims, stating that he does not possess anywhere near that amount. This discrepancy has created a degree of uncertainty regarding his true net worth, leaving fans and observers intrigued.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding his finances, there is no denying that Lil Wayne has enjoyed considerable success in his career. From his early days as a member of the Hot Boys to his solo ventures, he has amassed a loyal fan base and achieved numerous accolades. His impact on the music industry is undeniable, and his influence extends far beyond the realm of hip-hop.

Regardless of the exact figure, it is evident that Lil Wayne’s career has been lucrative. His talent and hard work have enabled him to achieve financial success, and his legacy in the music world is secure.

Dwayne Carter III Future Plains

Dwayne Carter III has big dreams for his future! Currently, he’s busy learning new things in school and having a great time. He’s considering following in his father’s footsteps to become a music star, or he might choose a completely different path.

Whatever he decides, Dwayne is determined to infuse his endeavors with creativity and kindness to make them truly remarkable. He plans to continue enjoying games, creating art, and participating in sports. Dwayne’s future is full of possibilities, like a blank book waiting for him to write exciting stories and achieve incredible feats. He’s eager to explore and discover what truly ignites his passion!

Amazing Facts About Dwayne Carter III

  1. Dwayne Carter III was born on October 22, 2008, making him 15 years old at the time of writing.
  2. He is the son of the legendary American rapper Lil Wayne.
  3. Dwayne Carter III has four half-siblings: Reginae Carter, Cameron Carter, Neal Carter, and Essence Vivian.
  4. His mother is Sarah Vivian, an American radio personality.
  5. Dwayne Carter III dreams of becoming a music star like his dad, Lil Wayne, or pursuing a different adventure.
  6. He enjoys playing with toys that make music, running and jumping outside, drawing pictures, learning new sports, and listening to music.
  7. Dwayne Carter III might be too young for his own social media accounts, but he occasionally appears on his mom or dad’s pages, where they share their pride in him.
  8. His parents, Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivian, met at an after-party following one of Lil Wayne’s concerts in Cincinnati in 2006.
  9. Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivian dated for about two years before Dwayne Carter III was born, but they eventually split up.
  10. Despite their separation, Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivian agreed on joint custody, allowing Lil Wayne to spend plenty of time with his son.

Dwayne Carter III Social Media Presence

Dwayne Carter III Social Media Presence

While Dwayne Carter III is too young to have his own social media accounts, he occasionally makes appearances on his parents’ pages. His mom and dad love to share their pride in him, whether he’s engaging in sports, exploring music, or simply beaming with joy. These posts offer a glimpse into Dwayne’s daily adventures, allowing followers to feel connected to his world.

For those interested in seeing these delightful moments, checking out his parents’ social media accounts is the way to go. Through these posts, Dwayne’s parents provide a window into his life, offering a peek at his interests and activities as he grows up.

Final Thoughts

Dwayne Carter III, born on October 22, 2008, is the 15-year-old son of Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivian. He has four half-siblings: Reginae Carter, Cameron Carter, Neal Carter, and Essence Vivian. Dwayne dreams of becoming a music star like his father or pursuing other adventures. He enjoys playing with music-making toys, outdoor activities, drawing, learning sports, and listening to music.

Although he’s too young for social media, Dwayne occasionally appears on his parents’ pages, where they share their pride in him. Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivian met in 2006 at an after-party following one of Lil Wayne’s concerts. They dated for about two years before Dwayne was born and eventually split up. Despite their separation, they agreed on joint custody, allowing Lil Wayne to spend quality time with his son.

People Also ask (FAQs)

1. Who is Dwayne Carter III’s mom?

Dwayne Carter III’s mother is Sarah Vivian, a radio personality and fashion enthusiast who has been a strong supporter of her son alongside his father, Lil Wayne. Sarah is American and has worked with prestigious radio stations such as iHeartMedia, Streetz 94.5, and currently Sirius XM.

2. Is Dwayne Lil Wayne’s son?

Yes, Dwayne Carter III is Lil Wayne’s son. He was born on October 22, 2008, to Lil Wayne and radio host Sarah Vivian. Dwayne carries on both his father’s and grandfather’s names and is affectionately known as “Lil Tune,” a nickname his father has used.

3. Who is Lil Wayne’s oldest son?

Lil Wayne’s oldest son is Dwayne Michael Carter III, born on October 22, 2008, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the rapper’s first son and second-born child, with Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivian as his parents. Dwayne is affectionately referred to as Lil Tuney within the rapper’s family circle and is currently 14 years old.

4. How many records did the Carter 3 sell?

The Carter III sold 2.88 million copies by the end of 2008. It produced four commercially successful singles on the Billboard Hot 100: “Lollipop,” which peaked at number one, and the top-ten singles “A Milli” and “Got Money,” as well as the top-20 single “Mrs. Officer.”

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