Who Is Baxter Neal Helson? All About Bio, Age, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth Of Tish Cyrus Ex-husband
Who Is Baxter Neal Helson? All About Bio, Age, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth Of Tish Cyrus Ex-husband

Who Is Baxter Neal Helson? All About Bio, Age, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth Of Tish Cyrus Ex-husband

May 14, 2024
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Baxter Neal Helson, born around 1966 in Ashland, Kentucky, is recognized for his career as an American drummer. However, he gained more widespread attention for being the ex-husband of Tish Cyrus, who is not only known for her endeavors but also as the mother of the renowned pop artist, Miley Cyrus. Baxter is also the biological father of Trace Cyrus and Brandi Cyrus, further cementing his connection to the Cyrus family. Despite the dissolution of his marriage to Tish Cyrus, Baxter remains linked to the family through his children.

Growing up in the United States, Baxter’s life has been somewhat private, with limited information available about his journey. While details about his exact birthdate are not widely known, Baxter’s impact within the Cyrus family has garnered interest in his background and career. His net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be around $500,000, reflecting his contributions and experiences as a drummer and his connections to the entertainment industry.

Bio Summary Of Baxter Neal Helson

Full/Real name Baxter Neal Helson
Nick/Popular nameBaxter Neal Helson
Birth date January 21, 1966
BirthplaceAshland, Kentucky, United States
Current ResidencePhoenix, Arizona, United States
Age (As of 2023)57 years old
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Ethnicity White
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-SpouseTish Cyrus (1986-1989)
ChildrenBrandi, Trace Cyrus
Famous ForBeing The Tish Cyrus’ ex-husband
Height5’8″, 172cm
Weight63Kg, 138lbs
Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBlonde
Net Worth$1.2 million

Baxter Neal Helson Age And Family Background

Baxter Neal Helson Age And Family Background
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Baxter Neal Helson, Tish Cyrus’s ex-husband, was born in 1966 in Ashland, Kentucky, making him a natural-born citizen of the United States. Despite his connection to the Cyrus family, Baxter has maintained a private life, keeping details about his family background, including his parents and siblings, undisclosed. His educational journey, including the schools he attended and the year of his graduation, remains unknown to the public.

Baxter started his career as a drummer early and is recognized for his musical contributions, though the specifics of his professional life are not extensively documented. Following his divorce from Tish Cyrus, details about Baxter’s life post-divorce and his relationship with his children are not widely available, leaving much of his personal life shrouded in mystery.

Baxter Neal Helson Career

Baxter Neal Helson’s career in music stems from a family background rich in musical influence. He developed a love for music early in life, and during his teenage years, Baxter was known for his exceptional drumming skills, often showcasing them in local music gigs. His talent didn’t go unnoticed, leading him to become the go-to drummer for several popular bands, a role he embraced for a significant period.

Despite Baxter’s inclination towards privacy, reports suggest that he may still actively involve himself in the music scene, continuing to play the drums for local bands in the United States. While the specifics of his current musical endeavors remain unclear, Baxter’s dedication to music and his enduring passion for drumming are evident, highlighting a career deeply rooted in musical expression and talent.

Baxter Neal Helson And Tish Cyrus’ Marriage

Baxter Neal Helson And Tish Cyrus’ Marriage

Baxter Neal Helson and Tish Cyrus’s love story is one that began in their formative years, a tale of childhood sweethearts who found each other early in life. Meeting as children at a gathering, their friendship evolved into a romance during their early teenage years. Despite their youth, Baxter and Tish felt a deep connection, leading them to take the significant step of getting married while still in their teens. At 19, Baxter exchanged vows with Tish, who was a year younger at 18, a testament to the strength of their love.

Their decision to start a family came swiftly after their marriage. Tish welcomed their first child, Brandi, into the world at the age of 19. The arrival of their second child, Trace, followed in 1989. However, challenges in their relationship overshadowed their joy, leading to difficulties that ultimately resulted in their separation. Baxter and Tish decided to part ways shortly after the birth of their second child, finalizing their divorce in 1989, thus closing a chapter in their lives that had once been filled with young love and hopeful beginnings.

Who Are Baxter Neal Helson’s Children?

Baxter Neal Helson and Tish Cyrus have two children together from their brief marriage. Their first child, Brandi Glen Cyrus, was born on March 26, 1987, just a year after their wedding. Brandi, now 36, has carved out a career as a film actress, DJ, and singer. She is also recognized for co-hosting the Bravo show “Cyrus vs Cyrus: Design and Conquer.”

Nearly two years later, Baxter and Tish welcomed their second child, a son named Trace Dempsey, on February 24, 1989. Following in his father’s musical footsteps, Trace pursued a career in the music industry and is currently known as an American musician and guitarist for the band Metro Station.

After Baxter and Tish’s separation, Tish was granted custody of Brandi and Trace. Tish later married Billy Ray Cyrus, who adopted Brandi and Trace, leading to their surname becoming Cyrus. Despite their parents’ divorce in 2022, Brandi and Trace have continued to pursue their passions and make their mark in the world, with Miley Cyrus, their half-sister, becoming the most renowned of the siblings, achieving fame as a singer, songwriter, and actress, particularly known for her role as Hannah Montana.

Is Baxter Neal Helson Miley Cyrus’ Biological Father?

Is Baxter Neal Helson Miley Cyrus’ Biological Father?

Despite some misconceptions, Baxter Neal Helson is not the biological father of the famous singer Miley Ray Cyrus. Baxter, a 57-year-old drummer, was married to Miley’s mother, Tish Cyrus, which might lead some to assume he is Miley’s biological father. However, Miley’s biological father is the legendary country singer, songwriter, and actor, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Billy Ray Cyrus has been a significant figure in Miley’s life, playing a pivotal role in her upbringing and career. As Miley rose to fame as a Disney child star and later became a global sensation, Billy Ray was there to support her every step of the way. Despite his success in the music industry, Billy Ray always made time for his family, demonstrating a deep love and commitment to Miley and her siblings.

While Baxter Neal Helson may not be Miley Cyrus’s biological father, his role in her life should not be understated. As a stepfather during Miley’s formative years, Baxter likely played a part in shaping the person she has become. However, it is Billy Ray Cyrus who holds the title of Miley’s biological father, a role he has embraced with love and pride.

What Is Baxter Neal Helson’s Net Worth?

Baxter Neal Helson’s estimated net worth, as reported by RLS Online, stands at $1.2 million, reflecting his success in his career as a drummer. While this figure provides a glimpse into his financial status, it’s worth noting that the information may not be entirely verifiable. Baxter’s dedication and passion for music, which led him to pursue a career as a drummer, are believed to be the reasons behind his wealth.

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Despite the lack of concrete details about his net worth, Baxter’s contributions to the music industry are evident. His skill and talent as a drummer have likely played a significant role in his ability to accumulate wealth over the years. While the exact breakdown of his earnings and assets remains undisclosed, Baxter’s net worth serves as a testament to his accomplishments in the world of music.

Where Is Baxter Neal Helson Now?

After his divorce from Tish Cyrus, Baxter Neal Helson returned to Kentucky, where he has lived since. Preferring a life away from the spotlight, Baxter has chosen to stay off social media, keeping details about his personal life private. Little is known about his life after the divorce, including his career and any subsequent relationships. Baxter’s decision to maintain a low profile has made it challenging to gather information about his current endeavors and lifestyle.

Meanwhile, his former wife, Tish Cyrus, has actively involved herself in the entertainment industry, focusing on acting and production work. She notably served as an executive producer for “The Last Song,” a film based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Tish also worked on the 2012 film “LOL,” which featured Miley Cyrus in the lead role. Despite facing criticism and box office disappointment, these projects reflect Tish’s continued involvement in the film industry and her commitment to her career.

Baxter Neal Helson Social Media Links

Social Media PlatformNumber of FollowersHandle/Link
Other PlatformsN/AN/A

Baxter Neal Helson is a popular personality on social media, with over 447,000 followers on Twitter. He actively engages with his fans by sharing photos and videos. Baxter is 57 years old and has a height of 5’7″. While his presence on other social media platforms is not specified, he is likely to have a significant following there as well, given his popularity.

Wrapping Up

Baxter Neal Helson was born around 1966 in Ashland, Kentucky, United States. He is an American citizen of white ethnicity. Baxter grew up in the U.S. and has chosen to keep details about his family background, parents, and siblings private. Baxter Neal Helson’s educational background, including the institutions he attended and his graduation year, remains undisclosed to the public. He began his career as a drummer at an early age and is recognized for his contributions to the music world.

However, specific information about his life post-divorce from Tish Cyrus and his relationship with his children is not readily available. Following his divorce from Tish Cyrus, Baxter returned to Kentucky, where he has lived since. He maintains a private life, staying off social media and keeping details about his personal life, including any subsequent relationships or marriages, undisclosed. Baxter Neal Helson prefers to maintain a low profile, so there is limited information about his career and life post-divorce.

Baxter Neal Helson has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1.2 million primarily through his career as a drummer. He is also known for his active presence on social media, boasting more than 447,000 followers on Twitter. Baxter stands at 5’8″ tall and is currently 57 years old.

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