aaron kendrick de niro
aaron kendrick de niro

Who is Aaron Kendrick De Niro? Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family & More Information

May 27, 2024
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There’s no rejecting that Robert De Niro is maybe Hollywood’s most momentous capacity. With two Oscars added to his collection, he has conveyed phenomenal shows in a part of film’s most vital masterpieces. Similarly as other huge names, De Niro has every now and again wound up under the media’s assessment. No matter what his undertakings to keep his own life covered up, the allure including his off-screen presence stays strong. What everyone knows is that De Niro is a serious family man. Beginning around 2024, he happily stays as the father of seven children, balancing his extraordinary employment with his occupation as a gave parent. His family is doubtlessly a tremendous and prized piece of his life, whether or not he jumps at the chance to keep those minutes out of the spotlight.

Who is Aaron Kendrick De Niro?

Aaron Kendrick De Niro is by and large apparent as the offspring of two obvious figures in news sources: Robert De Niro, the mind blowing Hollywood performer, boss, and producer, and Toukie Smith, a striking performer and model. Despite the differentiation of his people, Aaron has commonly remained inconspicuous. His life offers an enamoring investigate the universe of a major name kid, living amidst the fervor and appeal of Hollywood while staying aware of his own security.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Biography

Aaron Kendrick De Niro was brought up in New York City, New York. He and his twin family, Julian, were seen as through in-vitro arranging and brought into the world through surrogacy.. As an American with a rich, mixed inheritance, Aaron’s experience reflects the unique and dynamic nature of his friends and family.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Wiki

Full nameAaron Kendrick De Niro
Date of birth20 October 1995
Age28 years old (as of 2024)
Place of birthNew York City, New York, United States
Current residenceUnited States
Height5’9’’ (175 cm)
Weight165 pounds (75 kg)
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourDark brown
FatherRobert De Niro
MotherToukie Smith
Relationship statusSingle

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Age

Aaron Kendrick De Niro was brought into the world in the dynamic city of New York on October 20, 1995. He turns 28 out of 2024, and because of his notable watchmen, Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith, he has forever been the focal point of attention.Despite the way that Aaron was raised in a family known for its result in Hollywood, he has purposely kept a place of wellbeing since he would like to reside away from the spotlight. Aaron has purposely chosen to remove his own course in life all through his 28 years, away from the heavenliness and shimmer of his family’s redirection business history.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Height 

At five feet nine inches (175 cm), Aaron has a humble yet overpowering appearance. At around 165 pounds (75 kilos), he is a huge and suitable weight. Aaron overflows a sure yet saved way that makes him perceptible without being interfering.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Career 

Aaron has remained silent about bits of knowledge in regards to his calling, like various pieces of his life. Unlike his father, Robert De Niro, Aaron hasn’t copied his model into the universe of acting. His master endeavors stay confidential, as he hasn’t been seen or featured in any films.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Net Worth 

Aaron Kendrick De Niro, generally called Robert De Niro, is a well known American performer who has made an extremely durable engraving on the diversion world. Brought into the world as the second of six children to Virginia Head of maritime tasks, an able painter, De Niro’s imaginative roots run significant. All through the long haul, De Niro has amassed basic overflow, with his absolute resources surveyed at $500 million, according to Forbes. In the earlier year alone, his acting endeavors have obtained him an astounding $27.5 million. His responsibilities to film and his financial accomplishment feature his driving forward through impact and capacity in Hollywood.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Personal

Information about Helen’s level and weight is correct now blocked off. Brought into the world on December 23, 2011, Helen Ease is as of now 12 years old. As a Capricorn, first experience with the world sprout is the Pansy.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Family 

Robert De Niro had a kid named Raphael with Diahnne Abbott, his most essential mate. Raphael changed his thought from acting to land after first expecting to go on in a long time father’s steps. Besides, Diahnne and Robert had a taken on young lady named Drena from Diahnne’s prior relationship. The painstakingly pre-arranged performer gained a few horrendous experiences during their troublesome division.

Subsequently, Robert De Niro got to know Toukie Smith, and the two of them — through an intermediary mother — welcomed twin youngsters, Aaron Kendrick and Julian Henry De Niro. In 1998, Robert got hitched to Ease Hightower following eight years of dating Toukie. Helen Ease De Niro and Elliot are their two adolescents together. While twin kin Julian Kendrick drives a more open presence, Aaron Kendrick

Aaron Kendrick De Niro Social Media

Aaron Kendrick De Niro stays unnoticed by means of virtual amusement, with no realized records on stages like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Despite his eminent family line, Aaron cut his own particular manner in news sources, going on in the steps of his people and beginning his acting calling very almost immediately of ten.

His capacity promptly gained appreciation, securing him different honors all through the long haul. Among his extraordinary achievements, Aaron has been relegated for eight Establishment Awards out of 59 assignments and got four BAFTA determinations out of fourteen. His commitment to his claim to fame and certain capacity have solidified his place as a respected figure in the domain of film and redirection.


Full Name: Aaron Kendrick De Niro

Date of Birth: October 20, 1995

Age: 28 years old (as of 2024)

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, United States

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Mixed

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 5’9” (175 cm)

Weight: 165 pounds (75 kg)

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Parents: Robert De Niro (father) and Toukie Smith (mother)

Siblings: Six, including twin brother Julian Henry De Niro, Raphael De Niro, Drena De Niro, Elliot De Niro, and Helen Grace De Niro

Conceived: Through in-vitro fertilization and born via surrogacy

Relationship Status: Single

Religion: Christianity

Sexuality: Straight

Current Residence: United States

Career: Details about his career are not publicly known; he has not followed his father into acting

Social Media: No known social media accounts

Net Worth: His individual net worth is not publicly disclosed, but his father, Robert De Niro, has an estimated net worth of $500 million


Aaron Kendrick De Niro, the posterity of Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith, was brought into the world on October 20, 1995, in New York City. Despite his high-profile parentage, Aaron has picked a day to day presence away from the public eye. He has a twin sibling, Julian, and other half-kin from his dad’s various connections. Aaron stays a confidential person with no huge public presence or revealed proficient vocation.


Who are Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s parents?

His parents are Robert De Niro, an acclaimed actor, and Toukie Smith, an actress and model.

When was Aaron Kendrick De Niro born?

He was born on October 20, 1995.

How old is Aaron Kendrick De Niro?

As of 2024, he is 28 years old.

Does Aaron Kendrick De Niro have any siblings?

Yes, he has a twin brother, Julian Henry De Niro, and five other half-siblings.

What is known about Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s career?

Details about his career are not publicly known as he maintains a private life.

Is Aaron Kendrick De Niro active on social media?

No, he does not have any known social media accounts.

What is the net worth of Aaron Kendrick De Niro?

His individual net worth is unknown, but his father, Robert De Niro, has an estimated net worth of $500 million.

What is Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s height and weight?

He is 5’9” (175 cm) tall and weighs around 165 pounds (75 kg).

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